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Saturday, May 21, 2016

PHOTOS: Highlands High School Renovation

Heading into the newly renovated gym. That "2015" headstone will be replaced by a "2016."
The Fort Thomas Education Foundation and the Fort Thomas Independent Schools will celebrate the completion of the Highlands High School campus with a community event THIS Sunday, May 22.

The event will begin with a brief presentation at 12:30 p.m. at the newly completed Gymnasium Plaza. Following the presentation, attendees will be invited to tour all HHS buildings to see the results of the past decade of renovations, including both academic buildings, the gymnasium and locker rooms and the new Highlands Fieldhouse. 

Families can also enjoy bounce houses and other fun games along with cake and $1 cheese coneys.

A BIG THANKS to Mr. Brian Robinson, Principal, for the guided tour.  These photos were taken on May 13, 2016. 

These "stages" are also now functional bench seating around the new gym. 

The new entry way heading into the football stadium. Later, this will feature the "Walk of Fame" that will highlight the Highlands Hall of Fame members. 

The layout and stairs are reconfigured around the gym. 

Looking out towards Memorial Parkway and Highland United Methodist Church. 

Into the lobby of the new gym. 

Gym class in session. New floor, scoreboard and bleachers. 

The Highlands Fitness Center. This was formerly the "small gym." The community has access to these facilities. 

The hallway that connects the school and the gym. This was formerly the middle school. 

The new water fountains. This fountain keeps track of how many water bottles have been saved by using it. So far , this one has saved 39,788 plastic water bottles. 

Heading down the ramp towards the library. 

The new library. It's in the same location, but has been totally revamped. There are no longer two stories. 

Front desk at the library looking out towards the football field. 

A digital learning lab equipped with Apple TV's. 

The Performance Arts Center. This is located in the same location, but has been completely updated. 

This location is where the old principal's office used to be. There were steps leading up to it from the main entrance. Now, there are no steps. 

The school is now equipped with elevators. 

The pedway that connects the high school and middle school. This is an overhead walkway that is located on the south end of the football stadium. 

A multi-purpose soundproof room. This is used for performances, presentation or music. Today, the chorus was practicing in here because the music room was being used for A.P. testing. 

The Broadcast Journalism room. Students use this to produce anything from their daily announcements to community videos to football broadcasts. 

Looking from the control room to the television studio. 

From the control room, looking into the classroom. 

The anchor desk. 
I had to get behind the anchor desk with Brian Robinson, Principal. 

Highlands Principal, Brian Robinson. 

This used to be where the Humanities classrooms were, in the basement. 


Principal's office, right be the entrance. 

The main entrance. 

Here, where Mr. Robinson is standing on the "H" had stairs leading to the second floor. Now, the entrance leads directly into the school's art room. 

Outside the main entrance. 

Crews working on landscaping. 

Highlands Campus Renovation Review:

·         Phase One (started May 2006) focused on the North Academic Building featuring a Performing Arts Center, Mass Communications Suite, cafeteria with outdoor terrace and upgraded classrooms.
·         Phase Two (started June 2011) included a new exterior of the South Academic Building (formerly Highlands Middle School), new energy-efficient windows and a 30-year roof.
·         Phase Three (started April 2013) involved the interior of the South Academic Building with upgrades to the remaining classrooms, addition of a community Fitness Center, locker rooms and band practice room.
·         Phase Four (started March 2014) focused on student athlete facilities including the construction of the Highlands Fieldhouse which houses a turf practice field, dance practice room and a mezzanine level weight facility. Death Valley was upgraded to allow for additional parking spaces and an outdoor practice field. The final phase also included much needed renovations to the Highlands Gymnasium, gym lobby, concessions and locker rooms. 

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