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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tanith Smith Debuts Mármol: Contemporary Paintings and Jewelry at Fort Thomas Coffee

For months Tanith Smith has been in full creative mode, her home filled with paints, canvases and jewelry-making supplies. It all led up to last night, when she held a highly successful solo art show opening at Fort Thomas Coffee.

During a happy hour celebration Smith showcased her latest collection of marbled paintings and mármol jewelry. "Mármol (Spanish for marbled) is a collection that has allowed me to truly engage with my subconscious," Smith wrote when describing her collection. "Each piece is a representation of a specific moment within a meditative state that takes a combination of emotional healing, physical awareness and outpouring of energy. Color, stroke and movement within each piece has taken me through a journey and allowed me to continue to grow personally and professionally." 

Born in Mexico in 1982, Smith grew up in Mexico and Texas. She earned her graphic design degree from the Art Institute of Phoenix, and served as art director for the largest art museum in the southwest.

Fifteen percent of the profits from last night's purchases benefited Children's Home of Northern Kentucky.  The show runs through June 11. Jewelry can be taken home immediately. Delivery of artwork will be available mid-June.

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