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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Future of Route 8 (KY-8) Under Study by State Officials

This stretch of road on KY-8 was suspected to have been the cause of a fatality in 2015. FTM file. 
By Jennifer Summer 

At the May 16, 2016 Fort Thomas City Council meeting discussion took place regarding several projects that will effect the travel of Fort Thomas residents.

While some of the projects will be a nuisance temporarily over the summer months, one of the roadways could be a candidate for much longer closure.

According to City Administrative Officer, Ron Dill, KY-8 (Route 8) is under study through the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The oft-repaired road has long had issues with road slippage, which has been a constant issue for motorists and District 6 of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. In June of 2015, a motorcyclist was killed after crashing on the road. His riding partners blamed the condition of the road for the accident.

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“We are expecting results within the next couple of weeks and they’ll share the results with the effected cities. From that we’ll learn more about the possibilities there are for the future of Route 8," said Dill. "Obviously Route 8 has had issues with slippage for a long period of time. 27 different locations between Tower Hill and River Road have been repaired on either side of the road. It’s a large project potential and they are going to have to make some decisions on what they are going to do there. 

They are studying it from every possibility: from closure to a total rebuild.”

FTM file. 
KYTC-District 6 declined to comment on the study, through spokesperson Nancy Wood.

Other road projects were also discussed at the council meeting.

Work has already started on the Memorial Parkway bridge over I-471. This is the most recent closure/partial closure that will take place.  This work has begun re-routing traffic into and from Fort Thomas and will probably see the most effect on Grand Avenue.  Work here will continue into the Fall.

Councilman, Roger Peterman, also met with Rob Hans, the Chief Engineer for District 6. “That bridge is going to be completely closed for about 2 months,” he said.

The Waterworks Road bridge had a failure that caused closure in Newport in February, just outside Fort Thomas. That has a contract being bid in June.  Work on replacement of that structure will commence later this Summer with completion expected by the end of this year.

These simultaneous road closures will impact and reroute commuters on the north side of the city.


  1. It still doesn't matter . A man was killed on this road because of the road ,he had 3 children ,this road getting fixed still doesn't mean a thing .It shouldn't take someone to die on this road for it to be fixed .

  2. About time. That road has been horrible for as long as I can remember and it has only gotten worse

  3. About time. That road has been horrible for as long as I can remember and it has only gotten worse