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Monday, June 13, 2016

Cameron Blau Appointed 17th District Judicial Seat

Cameron Blau. FTM file. 
Cameron Blau, a Campbell County Chief Assistant Courty Attorney, has been appointed by executive order of Governor Matt Bevin to serve the 17th Judicial District in Campbell County. The appointment comes after former judge, Gregory T. Popovich, resigned during the middle of his term in March of this year.

It is believed that he will be sworn in next week and begin serving immediately.

Blau was chosen by the Governor after the Judicial Nominating Committee (JNC) submitted three names to his desk in May. He was chosen over retired attorney, Bob Monfort, and attorney and City of Newport Commissioner, John Hayden.

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Hayden plans to run for the unexpired term against Blau in a special election this November. Joining Blau and Hayden on the ballot are attorneys Joe Grimme, Abby Voelker and Andrea Janovic. 

"Let me begin by thanking Governor Matt Bevin for his trust in appointing me as District Judge to the 17th Judicial District, and the Judicial Nominating Commission for giving me this opportunity," said Blau.

"I have spent over a decade serving Campbell County, a place I am proud to call home, as the Chief Assistant County Attorney, and I look forward to continuing my service to our community as our next District Court Judge.  I promise that my courtroom will reflect the values instilled in me by my father, Bernard Blau, and grandfather, Ed Blau: Ethics, Integrity, and Respect."

The (JNC) is a seven-person committee made up of the Chief Justice on the Kentucky Supreme Court John Minton, two republican and democrat non-attorneys statewide and two local attorneys.

Locally, Fort Thomas attorney, Tim Schneider, was the attorney recently nominated by his peers to serve on the committee, along with Fort Thomas attorney, David Bender. Schneider did not participate in this appointment because his law partner, Joe Grimme, was seeking the seat and will run in November.

The citizen members of the committee are Barbara Weber, Deborah Peluso, Jim Schack and Ken Moellman Sr.

Blau last ran against Popovich in 2014 for the highly contested 17th District Judicial Seat.

Popovich, who had been the elected judge in the 17th District in Campbell County since 1993, was locked in tight race with Blau in 2014 when he was charged and eventually suspended for 15 days   stemming from an incident in open court.

On August 5, 2014 while hearing motions to suppress evidence in a traffic stop case, Popovich accused Blau of improperly assisting the defense attorney, the commission said. The incident was recorded on video.

Popovich admitted no wrongdoing in that case, but took his suspension, citing financial reasons.

Below is a copy of the Executive Order, signed by Bevin and Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes. 
(click on the image to view larger)

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