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Monday, June 27, 2016

Car Break-Ins In Unlocked Cars Continue Over The Weekend

Residents on Brentwood Place and South Fort Thomas reported car break-ins early this morning. FTM file. 
On Friday, Fort Thomas Police told Fort Thomas Matters that 35 unlocked cars had been rummaged through over four consecutive days last week.

Over the weekend, that streak continued, with reports of similar thefts occurring on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the early morning hours.

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According to Fort Thomas Police Lt. Rich Whitford, the thefts are occurring on the south side of Fort Thomas and the total is nearing 50 cars burglaries over the last week.

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"Please be on the lookout. If you see anything suspicious, whether it be people walking up and down your street late at night, call dispatch at 859-292-3622. Let the police check the person out. There's nothing to small for us to check on," he said.

On Thursday, the Campbell County Sheriff's Office said that Highland Heights, Southgate and Newport had also reported thefts from cars recently.

In all cases, the cars had been left unlocked, the sheriff's office said.

Campbell County Sheriff, Mike Jansen, reiterated what Lt. Whitford said.

"Lock your doors, even if the car is in your driveway. Keep valuables out of sight and call your local police if you see anything suspicious," he said.

Officials say that detectives from each affected jurisdiction are talking, but at the time there are no accurate descriptions of the suspects.

On Thursday, Cold Spring police shared Campbell County's Facebook post, noting that, "At around 4 a.m. this morning (Thursday), a resident from Sturbridge (subdivision) spotted four subjects in hoodies in the area. The subjects ran when the resident yelled. They entered a nearby black passenger car and fled the area."

According to Cold Spring Officer, Eric Reiman, the suspects were heading Northbound on U.S. 27.

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