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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Former Campbell County District Court Judge Files Defamation Action Against Political Rivals

Tim Nolan (left) and Mike Combs. Nolan has recently sued a host of Campbell County residents for defamation, among other items. FTM file. 
In news that broke on the Fort Thomas Matters podcast, former District Judge, Tim Nolan, made good on his intentions to file suit against the administrators of, a website that he says made false accusations against him.

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On May 16, Nolan was appointed to the Boxing and Wrestling Commission, a statewide group appointed by Governor Matt Bevin.

On May 18, the day of the first meeting of that commission, Nolan said that he was asked about the picture in question and to remove his Facebook page. Later, he was asked to resign his seat, due in part to the allegations made on the website.

Nolan alleges that the named defendants, and other unknown speakers that could be named in the suit at a later date, maliciously, intentionally, or recklessly published a picture which purports to show Nolan dressed in a KKK hood and gown, along with a written caption that falsely accuses Nolan of being “one of Campbell County's most vehement racists.” The caption also implies that Nolan is an alcoholic.

The majority of the allegations are directed at Nolan’s political rival, Mike Combs, chairman of the GOP Facts Committee, which according to Nolan's attorney,  J. Christian Dennery, hosts the website where the picture and statements are still posted.

Combs and Nolan have political history, dating back two decades.

Combs has served as a board member for the Campbell County School System, and has been active in the Republican Party of Kentucky. Nolan has opposed Combs on various issues during campaigns, the organization of the county Republican party and school board issues.

In the complaint, Nolan's attorney details an altercation at the annual Campbell County fair, sometime in the early 2000’s.

Combs said that he started the website with a group after he noticed that faction of Northern Kentucky Republicans derailing the progress of the county, particularly at Campbell County Fiscal Court.

"These people were showing up at Fiscal Court meetings and took an agenda role to discount improvements to the community and county. So the reason to start the website was to try and find their motivations for doing so," he said. "When we looked into their  backgrounds, we found there was a common culture of “do as I say, not as I do.”"

Combs believes that the content on the website is fair game.

"We just reprinted what they put out there. The question I would ask now is ‘why are they running from the stuff they put out there?’ If they published those pictures originally, why do they take an exception now?’I think its reasonable for anybody to question their motivations and because the appointment was rescinded, evidently those that are making decisions in Frankfort agree," he said. "Had we not created the website, how would he have explained the photo had he been on the commission down the road? If its put in public domain, who gets to be the censor after the fact?" 

On the May 20 podcast, Nolan said that Brett Gaspard, the Executive Director of Boards and Commissions for the Bevin administration asked him about those items as well as a post on Nolan's Facebook page, in which he called the Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court an "asshole."

"I wrote that right on my Facebook page and I said why," said Nolan. "In this case the Chief Justice was acting like a bully."

The complaint does not mention Minton.

"There's a lot of information on ( about me and people (Combs) hates," said Nolan on the podcast. "He's a failed politician and a political wanna-be (sic) who hangs around with undesirable people in the county and he has some other people working with him on this to make it look legit. It sounds funny, but when it starts to have an effect on you, it's just not (funny)."

Nolan said the picture of him purportedly dressed in KKK regalia was actually his friend, who dresses up that way as a joke.

"I own a bar in the southern end of the county and they had a Halloween party a couple years ago that I attended. Some people showed up that looked the (the band) KISS, so I took a picture and posted to 'come get an autograph from KISS.' Some people came dressed as vampires, so I posted 'be careful, you'll get bit by a vampire,'" said Nolan. "There's an individual that's really well-known with black grandchildren in the southern part of (Campbell County) and he has a habit on Halloween as dressing up as a Klu Klux Klansman to make fun of them."

Nolan said he took a picture of that and posted it on Facebook with a caption 'Come to The Rabbit Hole and join the Clan.' "The picture is obviously a joke, making fun of that group," said Nolan.

The complaint states that as a result of some of the statements on the website Nolan has suffered irreparable harm to his reputation with the RPK and the Bevin Administration, and to his standing in the community, which has negatively impacted Plaintiff’s ability to pursue his community, business, and political activities.

It also states that he has suffered and continues to suffer severe emotional distress, which has exacerbated his medical conditions and the emotional pain and suffering experienced by his terminally ill wife in the final days of her life.

He's asking the court among other items, to have those pictures and statements removed as well as $250,000 in damages.


  1. So he admits putting it on Facebook, doesn't name Minton, and then somehow thinks the picture is funny. Podcast was unbelievable in terms of his explanation-not really sure how that is even heard by a court. Are we to believe that all of this is someone else's fault? I don't believe the grandpa story with african american grandkids either.

  2. Nolan said he took a picture of that and posted it on Facebook with a caption 'Come to The Rabbit Hole and join the Clan.' "The picture is obviously a joke, making fun of that group," said Nolan.

    Wow! That is a sick notion of a joke!I wonder what other sick jokes happen at Nolan's bar.

  3. Thanks for your pathetic comments Mike

  4. Anonymous, why anonymous? What's your motive.....

    1. Me Mike Jeff and Kevin and Pete operate in the shadows only the devil knows

  5. 1 st. amendment right! You should know that.

  6. Tim Nolan, JRRoth (Janell Concrete), Ken Moellman, Charlie Coach Coleman, Eric Hermes (Hermes Construction) all Tea Party activist. All peas in the same pod. GOPFACTS.ORG has it all covered!

  7. This is embarrassing all the way around. I hope the only connection of these goofballs to Ft Thomas is that Fort Thomas is in Campbell County. (The article doesn't explain.)
    Then, the podcast and article discussing this ignorance isn't enough, they have to continue in the comments? Are these really the politicians we have in Campbell County?

  8. Now Tim is in the school board. Doubt it is to help the kids. Likely s need to feel important (impotent)