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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Highlands Graduates Open Book Store in Bellevue

Four Finch Books Logo
Courteney Alexander has had a lifelong love affair with books. She loves the smell and feel of books. And she says there is comfort being surrounded by books. So what better way to satisfy all of that then opening a bookstore? And that is what she and Chris Gabennesch did.

Courteney says that Every time we drive by here and stopped at the light I would point to the building and say that would be a great place for a bookstore. One day Chris came home and said that paper was off the windows and that there was a ‘For Rent’ sign in the window. So I called, toured the building, and signed a lease that day. 

Four Finch Bookstore is at 355 Taylor Avenue.  It’s a comfortable little store with a bay window, a reading corner, art hangs on the walls, and wonderful people work there.

So why do this now? Courteney was not particularly happy with her job. It paid well but she was not passionate about it. Chris says This is something that she is passionate about and it’s been fun. I hated to see her come home from work and be miserable. This is a place where she can run the bookstore and I can do my art. We always dreamed about a bookstore so we finally said ‘Why not?’

Courteney Alexander 
So about the name. Courteney says I saw a stamp in Michael’s that had four birds on it and thought it was the cutest stamp I had ever seen in my life and then I forgot about until I thought that I wanted to open a bookstore. … Then I remembered that stamp of the little birds. And finches are cute so we went with that. So for the literati, this is not a Harper Lee allusion. She says, No, but that’s a really good sales pitch. And then she laughs.

Courteney would love for the store  to become a creative hub. She has plans to feature local artists and writers. Right now she has plans to feature the photography of Rachel Ellison and the line drawings of Casey Bradley.  She wants to sell artists’ works as well. They want to include the community. Chris, a trained artist, is developing plans to give art lessons to children and some local writers have expressed an interest in presenting their works. So the word is getting around.

She will also buy gently used books from customers and she can also evaluate your collectible books.

Readers know that words are magical. They conjure up images and emotions, create memories, and teach life’s great lessons. The thinnest paper holds the mightiest words and stories. Bookstores hold little pieces of immortality. Ben Franklin said that if we want to be remembered then we should write stories worth reading or do things worth writing
. So step into this little shop and enjoy.

The Four Finch Books grand opening is Monday, June 20. The store opens at 10:00. There will be door prizes. Hours are 10:00 - 5:00 through the week - closed Wednesday and Sunday.  She has worked out a deal with Avenue Brew that if you get coffee there and go to the bookstore and show the cup, then you get 10% off.

You can find out more at, Four Finch Books on Facebook, or call 859-816-3720.


  1. Can't wait to browse among the books and the artwork!! Best of luck to both of you....Jane Petracco and family!!

  2. Is this a used book store? I'm excited to have a bookstore so close.