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Monday, June 13, 2016

New Fort Thomas Signage Will Welcome and Inform

Current Fort Thomas signage, located on Churchill Dr.
These days, Fort Thomas has a lot to advertise: There's the Farmers' Market, Summer Concert Series, Art Around Towne, Merchants & Music, Spring Egg Hunt, Independence Day Parade, Holiday Parade, Salute to Veterans, Pumpkin Walk, Summer Camps and more. One of the best ways to advertise events?


Now think of the major entrances to our city—most lack a sign welcoming those on the road to Fort Thomas. And the signs that do exist are simple green-and-white signs, or show signs of wear and tear.

A city sign was the victim of an accident on Memorial Parkway in March 2015. READ MORE HERE:

But this summer, thanks to members of the Fort Thomas Renaissance Board, eight new signs will be placed at various entrances to Fort Thomas, not only welcoming people to our city but also advertising upcoming events, similar to signs in Bellevue, Ky.

Constructed out of black iron with a military script font, each permanent sign will have a place to hang thinner, stop-sign like material, easily changeable, advertising different events. Most likely an iconic image, such as the Water Tower, will be part of each permanent sign.

Because they will cost more than $20,000, the project is currently out to bid. The money is part of the Renaissance Board's budget, which has already been approved by council.

This is an advertisement. 

Five to six sites have been chosen, but they still need to be approved by council. "We hope they will be put in the ground by the end of summer," says Debbie Buckley, Renaissance Manager and Economic Development Director.

Tracy Davis, member of the Renaissance Board, says the goal is to create classic, informative signs that will look good years from now. She also hopes, by advertising upcoming events, the signs will better welcome visitors, bringing more people into our city—and businesses.

"There are a lot of things going on in our city and even if you don't participate, they bring value to homes and our community," Davis says. "It's a ripple effect." 

Davis says members of the Renaissance Board have talked about installing new welcome signs for years. And lately, she says, there's been a need to better advertise all of the city's events. The new signs will take care of both issues, serving as useful tools to residents and visitors alike.


  1. That seems like a lot of money for 8 signs. Thats 2500 a sign? Really?

  2. I'm guessing the money also includes the labor to install the signs and digging 3-4' deep post holes in ground that seems to be mostly rock is no easy task. Also black iron is expensive but holds up very well over time.

  3. Auction off the old wooden signs.