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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Refresher Course: Mopeds on Kentucky Roads

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School lets out, the weather gets better and then the mopeds come out in full-force. FTM is in a unique position to test the temperature of the city because of the platform we've built and each year we grow, the more questions we get around this time about the legalities and ordinances surrounding the use of mopeds.

We did a FAQ article on this topic in 2013 (link below), but here's another refresher in case you missed that.

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The main thing to know about using mopeds are that a operators license or permit is required, but insurance is not required.

But according to Tracy Davis, State Farm Agent in Fort Thomas, just because insurance is not required, that does not exempt you of liability if you are involved in an accident.

"Insurance is not required by law for a moped (50 cc and under) but if you want coverage in the event of a loss then you need to buy an insurance policy.  Most homeowners insurance policies do not provide coverage for mopeds used off premises," she said. "Depending on the value of the moped, you may want coverage if the moped is stolen or damaged. More importantly, you need protection if you are in an accident while driving the moped and you cause injury to someone else (your passenger for example) or damage another person’s property. Insurance or no insurance, if you are at fault for the accident then you could be responsible for medical bills and repair costs."

In 2013, we talked to then Lieutenant Ken Fecher of the Fort Thomas Police Department about mopeds. He said that the biggest violation the department saw that year was when riders had passengers on their vehicles, which is prohibited by state law.

"This is probably the biggest issue we see with mopeds, kids doubling up,"he said. "If you see a moped pulled over by a squad car, it's probably for that."

Fecher has since retired and now works for the Campbell County Sheriff's Office. 

Davis said liability coverage from an insurance policy would provide payments on your behalf if you are at fault during an accident.  

"A moped policy works just like a car policy. Most of the same coverages are available," she said.  "Rates are reasonable as well – can be as low as $14/month for “full coverage” and $4/month for liability only protection."

Earlier this year in Fayetteville, Arkansas, the city passed an ordinance requiring mopeds and motor scooter riders to carry insurance. While riders could continue to ride outside of the city without insurance, riders in the city must have it. 


50 CC and under is considered a Moped / Gas Powered Scooter

- Operators License or Instructional Permit required. There is no such thing as a Moped License in Kentucky.
- Eyewear not required
- No special clothing or footwear required
- Permitted on the street just like a motorcycle
- No insurance required
- Must have standardized equipment such as brake lights, turn signals, mirrors, horn
- Must adhere to all traffic laws
- No passengers of any kind (This includes bikes that my be equiped for 2 passengers)
- Not capable of going over 30 mph
- Does not require a helmet

51 CC and over is considered a Motorcycle

- Must have a motorcycle license
- Must have insurance
- Must have eye protection
- Must wear shoes
- Helmet is optional

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  1. Funny, the picture shows riders wearing helmets but you don't see that much in Ft. Thomas. I see more teens trying to ride and read their phones. Almost had one kid hit me because he wasn't looking. OK, done with old man rant.