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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rescue Dog Joins Fort Thomas Couple on Honeymoon

Kari and Ian with Barry. 
By Colin Moore 

Most people spend their honeymoon relaxing and enjoying quality one on one time with their new spouse; chilling on the beach, dining out, maybe some cocktails in the evening. Kari Capek of Fort Thomas, owner of Dogs to Frogs Pet Care Services, and her new husband, Ian Conrath, are a little different.

Even on their honeymoon they couldn’t resist helping some animals in need and spent time working with animals for a shelter in Hawaii.

Kari and Ian were married on June 4th and took a dream trip to Kauai, Hawaii for their honeymoon but animal lover Kari found something special to add to it. When they first met Ian knew Kari was an animal lover but she jokes, “he maybe didn’t exactly know just how much!”

While they were in Kauai, they spoke to locals who told them of a program at the local animal shelter. “The Kauai Humane Society has a great program that allows people to take dogs out for the day on dog field trips. This helps shelter dogs get the one on one exercise and affection that is needed for a well rounded, adoptable dog.”

Kari and Ian met Barry, a dog from the shelter, and bonded straight away. They spent the morning together on a hike and played on the beach for the rest of the day. There was only one hard part: saying goodbye at the end of the day. “We really didn't want to give him back!” 

Barry the dog hanging out after a hike with Kari and Ian. 

While at home in Fort Thomas, Kari runs Dogs to Frogs Pet Care, a full service, in-home, pet sitting and dog walking company for people who have hectic work lives or are taking a vacation. As well as being fully licensed and insured, they are also fully qualified in pet CPR and first aid and are happy to take care of pets with special dietary needs or those who are on medication.

Kari personally has over 10 years of experience in professional animal care. She came up with the idea for Dogs to Frogs when she had to take a trip and had to board her dog. When she came back he seemed different, “I hardly recognized him.” He had lost a lot of weight and didn’t seem like his usual vivacious self.

“It took him a long time to get over the stress of that boarding experience and I vowed to never do that to him again.” She decided to start a business where pet owners could have an in-home care option. “They can stay in their own environment that they are used to, which minimizes new sounds and new smells which can typically stress them out. By playing, feeding, walking, hugging and snacking, I want to make sure that every pet owner returns to a happy and exhausted beast.”

Kari meets with each owner and their pet in a meet and greet before the owner leaves: spending time with the animal in the presence of their family allows her to form a bond with the pet and minimize its stress during the owner’s absence. Everything she does is designed to make sure each pet is as happy and comfortable as possible.

As a “huge animal lover,” running Dogs to Frogs is a dream job for Kari, who jokes that she has “to be around animals for her mental stability!”

Kari often says that she lives in a zoo: she and Ian share living space with a dog, a bearded dragon, a cat, two frogs, two ferrets and various species of fish. Dogs to Frogs is happy to look after any of those species, as well as almost any other: they’ll take care of anything except poisonous snakes. They operate over the entire Greater Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky area.

A consultation with Dogs to Frogs is free and can be set up by phone at (859) 429-2PET (2738), by email at or on their website at

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