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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

School Board Roundup (June)

Board Chair, Karen Allen, congratulates the winners of the National German Exam. Five HHS and HMS students placed first throughout the state. FTM file. 
The Fort Thomas Board of Education met on June 13 to discuss, among other items, the evaluation of Superintendent Gene Kirchner. 

The board adjured to executive session and came back with a unanimous vote of "exemplary rating."

The board recognized students who placed first in Kentucky on the National German Exam and the National Spanish Exam. At the high school level, German students, Sarah Clayton (Level I) and Brian Johncox (Level IV) received recognition and Margot Seidel (Level II) for Spanish was recognized.

At the middle school level, Gabrielle Foster and Carter Bechtol both placed first at Level I.

Mikayla Reichert was also recognized for her Track & Field State Championship wins in discuss and shot put.

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School Fundraisers
Also discussed wereschool-wide fundraisers to generate funds to support school programs and activities that are not funded by the board, PTO projects or federal or state programs.

Only one fundraiser is conducted at the high school that meets the criteria for school-wide fundraisers.

All Schools
Life Touch Pictures (All schools do them once.  Twice at Moyer and HMS)

Highlands Middle
Catalogue Sales - PTO
Book Fair

Johnson Elementary
Jaguar Jog
Book Fair

Moyer Elementary
Santa House
TFK Magazine Subscription
Book Fair

Woodfill Elementary
Big Top
Boosterthon Fun Run
Book Fair
This is an advertisement. Campbell County YMCA. 

School Fees
All school fees must be approved by the Board of Education annually. The fees include student fees, textbooks & workbooks, materials and supplies and lunch charges.

It was recommended and passed that the overall fees remain the same and that the $100 technology fee at the highs school and middle school be lowered to $75. Additionally, the high school lowered several fees and added fees for Engineering/Technology. A $50 technology fee will be added to the elementary schools.

The following fees are recommended to be adopted for the 2016-17 School Year:

Elementary School Fees 2016-17

Kindergarten               $175.00
Covers supplies, snacks, technology, field trips, instructional fee

Grades 1-5                  $110.00    
Covers supplies, consumable materials, technology

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Highlands Middle School Fees. Click to enlarge. 
Highlands High School fees. Click to enlarge. 

School Lunch Fees

Lunch prices were increased by $.25 in 2015.  It is recommended that the price of school lunches not be increased.

Elementary schools                  $3.00
Secondary schools                   $3.25
Adults                                      $3.75

Breakfast charges:
Woodfill                                   $2.00
HHS                                         $2.25

New Positions Established 
The board also discussed adding additional coaching positions in Track and Field and Cross Country at the middle school, due to increased participation over the last 5 years. According to the board, the additional coaches are needed to both ensure the safety of student athletes and provide coaching instruction to support the continued success of these athletic programs.

The middle school requested and was granted additional coaching positions for a Boys Track and Field Head Coach, a Girls Track and Field Head Coach and a Cross Country Assistant Coach.

New District Hires
New hires were also announced across the district, highlighted by the Elementary Assistant Principal, Ashley Dikeos.

Other district hires are:
Jennifer Mott – Spanish – HHS
Adam Franzen – Social Studies – HHS
Wesley Staff – Health/PE – HMS
Mariana White – Social Studies – HMS
Gretchen Hinkel – Science – HMS
Jillian Booth – 4th Grade – JES
Alyssa Vanderpool – Music – JES
Heather Turner – Spanish – WES
Samantha Reynolds – Elementary Title I – WES
Sarah Nestheide – Art – WES
Marie Zimmerman - Library Media Specialist - JES

Extra service positions were also announced. Those position were:

Kelly Booth – Academic Team Head Coach - HHS
Krista Koehler – Girls on the Run Co-Sponsor – JES
Erin Staff – Girls on the Run Co-Sponsor – JES
Wesley Staff – Volleyball Head Coach – HMS
Julie Schlarman – Dept. Chair PLV – HMS
Melinda Greenwood – KYA Sponsor – HMS
Stephanie Ewald – 7-1 Team Leader – HMS
David Rockel – Vocal Music – WES
Sarah Nestheide – Studio Art – WES
Julie Dashley – STLP Sponsor – JES
Jennifer Flynn – Robotics/Engineering Sponsor – JES
Ryan Augustin – Dept. Chair Social Studies – HMS
Chad Niedert – Boys Soccer Varsity Asst. – HHS
Stephanie Graves – Girls Soccer Varsity Asst. – HHS
Bert Richey – Boys Golf Coach – HHS
Alyssa Vanderpool – Vocal Music – JES
Samantha Reynolds – JV Dance Coach – HHS
Nikki Everett - Robotics/Engineering Sponsor - MES

Finally, paraprofessional hires were announced. Those were:

William Trey Price – JV Girls Soccer – HHS
Brandon Prew – Marching Band Assistant Director – HHS
Josh Minton – Marching Band Percussion Instructor – HHS
Jon McSorley – JV Girls Basketball – HHS
Cheryl Spahr – Girls Golf Coach – HHS

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