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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Birkley Services Helps Retired Fort Thomas Police Officer

Birkley Services attends John Redmond's home (photo: Matt Birkley).
By Colin Moore

When you’re looking for a heating and air-conditioning engineer the first thing you might look for is price, or a prompt response. If you found they had an inspiring sense of community spirit and took customer service to another level, it might be a pleasant surprise. Fort Thomas engineer Matt Birkley, of Birkley Services, recently went above and beyond to help a member of his community in need, providing and fitting thousands of dollars worth of new parts for his HVAC system completely free of charge.

John Redmond is a retired Fort Thomas Police Officer, who served FTPD for over 13 years. His wife had cancer a couple of years ago and a couple of months ago they got the news that nobody wants to hear: the cancer has returned and it is terminal. Between caring for his wife, all of the doctor’s appointments and trying to work almost full time, things have been tough.

Last year, Matt attended John’s home to look at his heating pump after seeing an appeal for help on Facebook. He made some repairs to the system but he knew at the time that the system was on its last legs. Sure enough early this year the system stopped working again. This time of year living without air conditioning could be tough, living through the winter with a sick wife and no heating would be even worse. Another Fort Thomas HVAC engineer, Mike Watson, visited John and determined that he needed a new heating pump, a part which would cost thousands of dollars.

Mike and Matt Birkley talked together and tried between them to find a second hand pump that they could install but didn’t have any luck.
Chris Birkley working outside the home. Provided. 
At this point Matt decided to go above and beyond and spoke to one of his suppliers, Jeff Corken, of Corken Steel Products in Covington. Jeff provides Birkley Services with Tempstar products and when Matt told him of John’s circumstances, he was more than happy to provide the parts free of charge. “He told me to get a list together of everything we needed. He couldn’t have been more happy to be able to help.”

With the parts he needed Matt cleared a full day of his schedule and he and three other engineers attended John’s house to fit the new parts. They fitted a complete heat pump system, indoor and outdoor units and all of the pieces that make them work. Matt estimates that had the parts and labor been charged, the entire cost could have been over $8000.

John is understandably blown away by Matt’s “compassion” and sense of community. “It’s an awesome feeling, it makes you feel blessed, that there are still people out there who care about people and their community.”

When Matt first told John he’d be able to replace his system free of charge, John was understandably emotional, “He couldn’t believe it, I called him back the next day to arrange when we’d come by to fit it and he still thought it was unbelievable!”  Matt says “I’m just happy to be in a position in my life where I can help someone.”

Birkley Services is a family owned company and has been serving families in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati since 1947. Matt and his brother Chris now run the company and are master technicians. Their father, Joe, still works with them. Connie, their mother, runs the office. Based out of Fort Thomas, they provide professional, certified heating and cooling expertise, installation and maintenance.

Joe Birkley. Provided. 

Birkley’s trained technicians can care for any brand of HVAC system that you might have. As servicing is the best way to protect and lengthen the life of your HVAC system, they offer annual maintenance contracts, as well as repairs and installations.

To contact Birkley Services call (859) 781-5500 or visit their website at



  2. This is what good business is about.