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Monday, July 11, 2016

Diane Beach Finds Balance, Success With Arbonne

Diane Walkenhorst Beach, Arbonne Area Manager

Diane Walkenhorst Beach is a familiar name in Fort Thomas. Partly it's because of her family history. Beach's grandfather lived in Fort Thomas, her father grew up in Fort Thomas, and so did she. And today, Beach and her husband, Jeff Beach, are raising their three daughters in Fort Thomas.

But Beach is also well-known among many in Fort Thomas as their go-to person for Arbonne personal care products. Several Fort Thomas Arbonne independent consultants are on Beach's team. And as Area Manager for Arbonne she's well on her way to Regional Vice President, which includes an added bonus of driving around a white Mercedes-Benz.

For more than three decades Arbonne has sold vegan-certified beauty, health and wellness products via independent consultants. Last month the Direct Selling Association (DSA) named Arbonne as one of its DSA Top 20 members based on 2015 United States net sales (other DSA Top 20 members include Mary Kay Inc., Rodan + Fields, Scentsy, Young Living, Team Beachbody and Thirty-One Gifts). Bestselling Arbonne products include a Smoothing Facial Cleanser, Corrective Eye Creme, Energy Fizz Sticks, Vanilla Protein Shake Mix and It's a Long Story Mascara.

Beach has always loved math. She studied business at Hanover College and discovered she excelled at accounting. After earning her business degree, passing her CPA exam and earning an MBA, she worked for Fifth Third Bank (where she met her husband) and several accounting firms.

Beach had her first daughter, and continued to work full-time. It was difficult. She remembers dropping her daughter off at daycare and picking her up, each week learning a new first her daughter achieved without her. After one year of juggling her often stressful, full-time office job and motherhood, Beach retired from full-time CPA work.

But the business side of her brain wouldn't turn off.

It's an age-old story so familiar to so many—finding a balance, which is unique to each individual, in parenting and a career.

Beach began doing some CPA work on the side, but her heart was no longer in it. Now with two daughters she kept her CPA work to a minimum and focused on raising her kids. Beach's introduction to Arbonne was while picking up one of her daughter's from Vacation Bible School. An acquaintance told her about Arbonne's products, and gave her some to try.

The products sat on Beach's counter for a week.

After several more conversations with her friend, Beach agreed to having a few friends over to learn about Arbonne products. The education that accompanied the pitch, including the fact that all products are free of GMOs, gluten, mineral oil, parabens, phalates, and artificial colors and sweeteners, was new information to Beach. Her friends loved the informal presentation and bought products. But for Beach, it still wasn't clicking.

In 2006, Beach was battling some health issues. And while she had no interest in selling Arbonne products, she decided to try some.

They worked.

While raving about how much better her skin looked and how much better she felt, her husband, Jeff, said she might be on to something.

"He saw something that I didn't," Beach said. "That's when my brain started turning." 

Beach decided to become an Independent Consultant.

Diane Beach's husband, Jeff Beach, and their three daughters.

And yet, she just dabbled in selling Arbonne products for seven-some years. The desire to truly move up in ranks came in waves as she worked through the joys and trials of raising young children. And then, in 2013, Beach says she found herself praying at a lake house in the summer, wondering what she was going to do in the fall once she sent her youngest to first grade.

"I thought, You have something do, you're just not doing it," Beach says. "It was a turning point."

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In 2-1/2 years she earned the title of Area Manager.

Diane Beach (front) at Arbonne's national convention in Las Vegas.

Beach works hard to create an environment of positive and empowering women and men who lift each other up. She currently manages 40-50 independent consultants, some of whom are more active than others, and she has clients in 20-plus states. She's working to achieve clients worldwide. Beach works about 10 to 15 hours a week, putting more hours in the last week of each month. In all, it's the perfect mix of utilizing many parts of her business degree while also fulfilling her personal dream of work-at-home parent.

It's a balance that also allows her to volunteer her time, at her daughters' schools and within the community. An example: While talking with Beach at Fort Thomas Coffee Carol Weinel stopped by and said, "Be sure to say how generous she is." Beach volunteered her time to do the makeup for girls on their way to prom as part of Weinel's Project Princesses at Dayton Independent Schools this spring. Turns out Beach is well-known for many things in Fort Thomas, indeed.

"The overall mission of Arbonne is beauty from the inside out," Beach says. "One of my mentors has characterized her vision for her business as transforming the health and wealth of the world, one family at a time—which I love. I think that is an excellent description of our global mission to create overall wellness."

It's a mission that not only serves well for Beach's many clients, but for Beach herself. With time she has found the perfect balance of overall wellness, in products, career and parenting. And with that balance she's made a name for herself, not only for who she is but what she does, for herself, her clients, her consultants and her community.

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