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Monday, July 18, 2016

Former Anita's Mexican Bar & Grill Property Getting New Tenant

The property at 1506 Alexandria Pike is getting a makeover—and a new tenant. Photo by Ivan Lewis.

It's been nine months since Anita's Mexican Bar & Grill closed its doors for good. Many miss the queso and the margaritas made with Frisch's ice. (The property, located at 1506 Alexandria Pike, was previously home to Frisch's Big Boy.) And recently, many have been wondering what's to become of the property, with rumors swirling that the building was to be torn down to make room for an even bigger parking lot.
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"There is no plan to tear down the building for a parking lot," says Robert A. Heil, managing member of Property Solutions Group, LLC, the owners of the property. Property Solutions Group also owns the office building next door at 1538 Alexandria Pike, home to the headquarters of KLH Engineers, PSC, which is where Heil serves as President and Chief Executive Officer.

"In a few weeks, we will have an announcement about a future tenant who will move in sometime in the fourth quarter," Heil says. "In the meantime, you will see equipment being removed from the roof and a new roof being installed in the next couple of weeks." 

While Heil says he's not yet at liberty to say who the new tenant will be, he did state that it will not be a restaurant.

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  1. What is happening with the equipment? Will there be a sale?