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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New FTIS Elementary Assistant Principal is Named

Ashley Dikeos. Provided. 
Fort Thomas Independent Schools has a new elementary assistant principal who will serve all three schools. FTIS Superintendent, Gene Kirchner says that, "We are incredibly excited to welcome Ashley Dikeos to Fort Thomas. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her experience as an elementary instructional leader is simply outstanding. She will be a tremendous addition to our leadership team and a valuable resource for students, parents and teachers in all three of our elementary schools."

Mrs. Dikeos says that one of the challenges for elementary education this year "will be integrating one to one technology with our elementary students. This continues to be a challenge in education today among many districts and schools.  [Developing] 21st Century skills are critical for students as they grow in order to be college and career ready. Equipping teachers with the confidence, a growth mindset, and professional development needed for instructionally using technology in the classroom will be a top priority."

She is married to Nicholas Dikeos, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor for children and "We have a beautiful little girl, Zoe, who will be 4 this July."

She was born and raised in Elizabethtown and currently lives in Union.

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She earned her Bachelors in Elementary Education at Eastern Kentucky University and her Masters as a Reading/Writing Specialists and then "I went on to get my second masters (Rank 1) in Educational Leadership." It seems that she was born to become a teacher.  She says that she has to begin by giving credit to my mother. "My mom taught first grade then transitioned to and retired as a physical education teacher.  She has always been the guide that ultimately turned me towards education."  And like many students she credits previous administrators as having a significant impact on her development and guiding her in her leadership roles. "I received many tools, ideas, and support to make the leap into administration. I have been blessed in the path that has led me to Fort Thomas, which has only been filled with encouragement. "

Mrs. Dikeos brings over a decade of experience and insight with her. This 2016-17 school year will be the start of my 12th year in education. I started my career at Berea Community Elementary teaching third grade for two years. When I moved up to Northern Kentucky I spent six years at Summit View Elementary (Academy) with experience teaching both third grade and fifth grade. For the last three years I was an Instructional Coach for Boone County Schools.

"My educational goals are to equip teachers with best practices and instructional strategies that allow them to foster creative learning experiences for their students. When teachers allow for student-centered conversation they create a safe environment where all can be focused on the big understandings of content."

FTIS demands much for their leaders and staff. She says that  I want to continue to grow as a leader. "I look for opportunities to work on my craft in order to share best practices with teachers and staff that ultimately will impact our students. I know I will learn a tremendous amount from the leadership team at Fort Thomas."

You can feel the enthusiasm when she says, "My favorite thing about elementary school is building relationships while making learning exciting. When I was in school I loved making friends and learning through creative experiences. Some might say I was a social butterfly. This continued into my career in education. My love for building rapport with my students and colleagues is one of the first things I work on each year."

When someone has the energy, drive, and excitement of Mrs. Dikeos the schools can only win.  She says, "Fort Thomas is a wonderful school district with a family community feel that supports one another. I know I have been equipped with tools that will allow me to continue building on the rich traditions, provide skills sets to students and staff, and continue building community outreach and support. I am privileged and excited to be a part of the Fort Thomas community."  

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