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Monday, July 4, 2016

PHOTOS: Jen's Fort Thomas Fourth of July Day Celebration (2016)

We get up early and dress in our finest parade attire: Asher, Macie and Carter Rice and Finley
We decorate our bikes and wagons like Erica Kruse...
...and meet our friends for the parade
We line the streets and find the best spot for getting candy

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Calvin Votel knows how!

Pete, a young entrepreneur, sees a perfect opportunity to sell some ice cold drinks.

Kaylee Donovan stakes out a perfect spot across from the Fort for watching the fireworks later
Fireman Josh Edmondson drives his firetruck in the parade
Kyle and Abby Edmondson love seeing all the old firetrucks
Then we head to the Fort...
...for food...

a vintage car show
Officers Goshorn, Whitford and Donelan

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