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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Ruth Moyer Elementary is Done with Phase I of Construction (PICTURES)

Rendering showing the school from the back entrance.

The official groundbreaking ceremony for Ruth Moyer Elementary was on November 10, 2015 at approx. 1:30 p.m. The three phases of renovations and new construction will take three years to complete. The majority of the $20 million dollar cost will be paid by The Kentucky School Facilities Construction Commission.

Dawn Laber, Moyer's principal, is excited by the daily progress of the construction. "We're looking forward to a building that allows us to continue our long tradition of excellence."

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Last year, grades 3-5 had classes in new trailers situated in the back of the school while the Kindergarten through second graders had classes inside the old building. There is an enclosed catwalk joining the school building to the trailers to keep out any rain. While the front portion of the school, built in 1930, will stay intact, the back section built in the 1950s and 1970s, will be demolished. The demolition was done during spring break.

According to Ms. Laber, "The students left for spring break and when they came back to finish up the year, the back section of the school was gone." The gym is now two large trailers put together.

Once the new addition is complete, the students will have their classes there while the renovation of the 1930s building is done. Deciding the best way to organize the classes during each of the three phases is a challenge, but Ms. Laber is not fazed.

The entire renovation and new construction is geared towards environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions. They had hoped to also have geo thermal energy, but the workers found too  many natural gas pockets to make it work.

A rendering of the inside  of the new addition is impressive and not what is traditionally thought of for a school. The cafeteria, gym, and library will all be bigger. Bright, bold colors with a balcony on the second floor surrounding the center give it an inviting feel. Thanks to the support of the community, the work of local stakeholders, and the lobbying of local officials, our schools continue to improve in every way.

View from inside current building showing work done on the addition.

View from inside current building showing closeup of future addition.

View from the right side. 1950s and 1970s addition has been removed.
View from the back

Close up from the right side. New trailers for students are in the background.

Closeup from back, left side
View from the back, left side

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