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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Man Behind DWC Photo

"Imitation is a Form of Flattery"

Allen Ramsey.
By Ford Orem

DWC and GWC might seem like competing websites, but they are actually two guys that really love to take pictures.

For those who don’t know DCW (Dad with Camera), is a very popular website for students and their parents to go and purchase pictures of local sports in the northern Kentucky area.  It’s creator and photographer is Mr. Allen Ramsey, and he goes everywhere.  GWC (George with Camera) is another website ran by Mr. George Gates, incoming freshman at Highlands High School.  These two photographers don’t compete with each other; they work together to cover sports.

“Even though we have only met once, I consider him a teacher because he was pretty much taught me all the ‘complex basics’ of how to shoot a basketball game,” said Gates. He took photos for middle school games such as boys and girls basketball, and he was considered the in house photography of the middle school journalism class.  He has even considered a career in photography.

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Ramsey taught Gates the basics of taking photos when Gates was asked to take pictures for him at a Highlands basketball game. Ramsey’s daughter, a senior, wanted her father to walk with her through the senior night events. Mr. Ramsey contacted Mrs. Lisa Birkley and asked if she knew anyone that could fill in for him at the senior night events. Mrs. Birkley recommended Gates. She said, “I was so impressed with George’s natural talent.  He has an eye for what makes a really good photo.” Ramsey contacted Gates about taking his place at the senior night events.  George accepted, but he said, “At first I was deciding between not going because I didn’t think I was good enough, but then I decided it was a good opportunity.”

So on Senior Night at the basketball game, Gates showed up and took some quick instructions from Mr. Ramsey.  Gates said, “I was very nervous at the high school game.” Before the game Gates took pictures of the seniors at the senior night events.

After the senior recognition was over, the game started.  Mr. Ramsey took the time to work with Gates on some actions shots.  He also taught Gates about the properties of shooting a basketball game. Such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and different lenses.

Gates has been considering a career in photography. Gates said, “Every one isn’t expecting much, so I don’t have high standards. But later on if I were to take pictures for professionals the entire country would be judging. Overall, I think I could have a career in photography if I keep at it.”

From the middle school Journalism class, Kelsey Schuett, eighth grader said, “George has been a great photographer not only for basketball games, but also for our journalism class. When went to the zoo for a field trip, George took great pictures and won in a couple awards for our class competition.” Gates wants to continue taking photos and gaining experience in the future. Also he wants to learn more from Mr. Ramsey and get help improving his photography.

Mr. Ramsey appreciates young people taking an interest in photography and hopes when Gates goes to HHS someone fills in for him at the middle school games. Mr. Ramsey also said, “DWC started simply as a dad taking pictures of my kids playing. Then getting pictures for friends on those teams. A short time later I was addicted to it. I love getting pictures of our students doing what they love. Pictures that make them look like the pros. Pictures of them doing some pretty awesome stuff. Pictures that they and their parents wouldn’t have available to them otherwise. So it’s great to see that there is interest in others doing it.”

DWC loves that GWC has taken interest in his hobby and hopes more young people follow in his foot steps.

Ford Orem is a student in the Fort Thomas Independent School District. This is part of the "Budding Journalist" series. 

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  1. And for those that don't know, DWC is a great guy too!