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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Village Players of Fort Thomas Announces Cast

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The Village Players of Fort Thomas is pleased to announce the cast for The Faculty Lounge.

Written by Teri Foltz.

Directed by Nathan Henegar.

Inside the forbidden walls of an ordinary, American high school faculty lounge, teachers get honest. The play is a comedy… until it’s not. Act One inspires hearty laughter at the humanness of those who teach, and Act Two touches the audience with a different side of that same humanity and the students who test it.


·       Becky - Judy Littlefield

·       Dylan - Eric Thomas

·       Megan - Ginny Butsch

·       Nick - John Clay Prather

·       Emily - Kelly Holterhoff

·       Student One (also Greg, Denver, Emily's Teacher, Parent, Tim, Jerry) - Mitch Holland

·       Student Two (also Allie, Angle, Bridget, Shruti, Amanda) - Chelsea Russell

·       Student Three (also Ally, Chastity, Tiffany, Bethany) - Melanie Herrick

·       Student Four (also Aly, Parent, Amber, Jennifer) - Tamara (Tammy) A. Sanow

·       Student Five (also Dakota, Gary, Emily's Father, Parent, Kevin, Eric, Mike) - Chase Reynolds

Performance Dates:

Friday, Oct. 7th @ 8:00 PM

Saturday, Oct. 8th @ 8:00 PM

Sunday, Oct. 9th @ 3:00 PM

Thursday, Oct. 13th @ 8:00 PM

Friday, Oct. 14th @ 8:00 PM

Saturday, Oct. 15th @ 8:00 PM


The Village Players of Fort Thomas

8 North Fort Thomas Avenue
Fort Thomas, KY 41075

Ticket prices


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Ticket phone line: (859) 392-0500

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