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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Alexandria Police Upset at Response to Zika Infection

A person who lives or works in Alexandria, Kentucky contracted the Zika virus while traveling and local police are upset that they weren't notified of the Northern Kentucky's Health Department's response.

The Northern Kentucky Health Department notified the Kentucky Department of Agriculture first so that it could spray a chemical in and around the neighborhood where the person lives or works.

That chemical, according to police, is known as "Duet Adultcide."

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That was a problem, according to Alexandria Police, who believe they should have been kept in the loop as a measure of public safety. That's when Alexandria Police took to Facebook to describe what they know about the situation.

Via WCPO's Ashley Zilka. Click to view in a larger window or click directly to her Twitter account below. 

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"We respect and will protect the privacy of the individual. However, we are concerned that you, the public, were not notified, especially if your home/property was sprayed with an insecticide without your prior knowledge. This chemical has the potential to affect aquatic life and crops according to the manufactures website.

Yes, it is a public health issue. They can and did spray without notification. We feel you should have been notified, so you could keep your doors and windows closed overnight. 
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"We have been refused any additional information, location, neighborhood, north, south, east or west. The Northern Kentucky Health District refused to share that information with first responders. The only confirmation we did receive was 'it was within the incorporated limits of the City of Alexandria.'"

Lynne Saddler, District Director of Health for the Northern Kentucky Health Departmens said precautions had to be taken and decisions to spray a particular area are made jointly by the Kentucky Department for Public Health, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and the Northern Kentucky Health Department.She said that many other areas of Kentucky regularly spray for mosquitoes. Lexington and Louisville have had mosquito spraying for more than a decade, initially to help prevent a variety of mosquito-borne diseases.

“We understand that many people are concerned about one measure to control mosquitoes—targeted application of insecticide by the Kentucky Department for Agriculture; however, this is an important public health precaution.

The Department of Agriculture has assured us that the product used, Duet, meets stringent standards and is registered for use by the Environmental Protection Agency. When properly used by trained professionals, insecticides do their job and biodegrade quickly. Such products are considered safe to use around people or pets. Spraying is done at night as an additional safeguard," said Saddler.

Alexandria Police say they have been working with departments in Miami, Florida, where the virus is more prevalent.

"The virus has proliferated itself all through Florida, especially in the Miami area. They are dealing with it openly and honestly. Secrecy is dangerous and often the downfall of government. That's why our city departments felt so strongly about getting this info out," said police. "There is also a responsibility to notify the public at large of the threat."

As for the Alexandria who had contracted Zika, police said they do not believe there is much of a threat to public at this point.

The affected individual has been quarantined, according to police. "We are assured and we do believe, the individual(s) involved have been instructed to stay sheltered in place until given the all clear from their Doctor (sic)," said Alexandria Police in a Facebook message.

Saddler said that all Northern Kentuckians can help with Zika prevention by taking steps to control the mosquito population.
·       Whenever possible, remove potential causes of standing water. This could include clogged storm drains, catch basins, drainage ways, junk/debris, tire dumps, etc.
·       Reduce mosquito resting sites near areas where people may gather by keeping grass mowed and free of discarded garbage such as plastic cups, bottle lids, etc.


  1. I have asthma and would need to know this information.

  2. The mosquitoes have really been abundant this year in Fort Thomas. I question whether the zika virus is more widespread than originally projected. It has been awfully wet and mild this year so far.

  3. This is your government of today. Total disregard for the safety of the American people.

  4. So, without your knowledge, you wake up, pick your sprayed strawberries, beans, etc., set your dogs outside and they climb back in with this stuff all over their feet, back into bed with your children, your toddler's swimming pool has this stuff in it, and you unknowingly set the child in the water to play, immersed in pesticide that you don't know about...etc., etc., etc. This is wrong. There should be 24 hours notice if something is sprayed on your property.