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Monday, August 8, 2016

Art Around Towne - Friday August 19 - Fort Thomas, Kentucky

The last Art Around Towne is next Friday. FTM file. 
The last Art Around Towne event is scheduled for Friday, August 19. Besides all of the normal fanfare that you are used to throughout the central business district, there are many side parties that will be highlighted throughout the day.

Aside from that, Highlands football will host the first game of the season that night.

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It doesn't get more Fort Thomas than that night. Here's a guide to how to do it right:

6:00 Tailgate at Art Around Towne. 

The start of Art Around Towne begins perfectly an hour before kickoff. Don't be shy about tailgating for a high school football game. It's kind of a big deal in Fort Thomas.

The Campbell County YMCA. This is an advertisement. 

Fort Thomas Central is hosting a Jimmy Buffet Party and Parrot Head Contest. There will be a best dressed Parrot Head Contest on the front porch at Fort Thomas Central, with the winner taking home a $50 gift certificate from Fort Thomas Central.

EVENT DETAILS: Fort Thomas Central Party 

PRO TIP: Park as close as you can to Highlands. Getting there an hour before the game should net you a pretty good spot when you decide to leave to go back home.

Head south toward the intersection of Highland Avenue. Vendors should be set up for the monthly street party. Buy some merch, art or some food while you walk through the business district before heading back toward the stadium for kickoff.

8:00 - Head into the Highlands game. 

Yeah, you'll miss kickoff, but Art Around Towne is pretty awesome and there are 5-9 more home games scheduled for David A. Cecil Memorial Stadium.

Highlands plays Cooper, by the way. The Jaguars stunned the Bluebirds last year at their field.

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Eric Miller is upended in a game against Cooper last year. PHOTO:

PRO TIP: You're probably getting hungry since you've last eaten at a food truck. Hit up the Highlands concession stand for a hot dog and a burger before finding a seat in the bleachers to watch the rest of the game. The Fort Thomas Lions Club does extensive research on finding the best tasting burgers to serve. Larosa's is also available here pretty cheap.

9:00 - The official Art Around Towne After Party Starts at 15 North. 

There were a lot of people meandering through the streets of Fort Thomas at 9:00 p.m. when the last Art Around Towne ended in July with no place to go.

Well, now there's somewhere to stay after the event closes up.

At 9:00 the Jim Beam girls will have a tent set up on the patio at 15 North. Beer, Bourbon and Coke and Kentucky Mules will be served. They'll also be giving away some swag and there will be live music on the patio until 11:00 p.m.

PRO TIP: All of these tips revolve around food, but 15 North will keep their kitchen open late that night and will offer a limited menu. Grab a pepperoni pizza before hitting up the next stop.

11:00 p.m. - The AFTER after party at Midway Cafe 

The Beam girls will continue their shenanigans in Fort Thomas at Midway starting at 11:00. Giveaways and samples.

PRO TIP: Get an Uber home. 

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