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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Cub Scout Pack 70 Plans Activity-Filled Recruitment Night August 24

Pack 70 at the Fourth of July Parade in Fort Thomas. Provided.

Cub Scout Pack 70 has put together a fun evening, August 24, 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Winkler Fields, for anyone interested in Scouting. All current Pack leaders as well as a few Cub Scouts will be available to answer questions about Scouting and help with registration. There will also be several fun games for prospective Scouts to play.

Future Scouts will be able to try out these wrist rockets August 24 at Winkler Fields. Provided.

Scouts will also learn how to make a fire without matches. Provided.

"Boys will be able to see how to make fire without matches and even try their hand at it," says Pack 70 Cubmaster Thomas Becker. "We will have wrist rockets—think slingshots with part that goes on your arm—so they can try to knock down some aluminum cans." Both of these activities will be done under adult supervision.

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Cub Scouts participate in community service projects throughout the year such as painting benches (above) and planting trees (here) throughout the year. Provided.

The goal of Wednesday's event is recruit new scouts. Scouts, in turn, meet throughout the year, with both their Den and their Pack. Rank advancement involves service projects, such as the flag turn in project completed by Pack 70's Wolf Den, made up of second graders, this summer.

"They were to identify a need in the community and find a way to help meet that need," Becker says. "With Fort Thomas being such a patriotic city and having a rich military history, we realized that many people of the city may not know the proper way to retire old and worn U.S. flags." 

So in June and July, Wolf Scouts set up dates for people to stop by and turn in old flags that they had. "Fabric or cotton flags can be burned, however nylon flags cannot because of the impact it can have on the environment and the person burning it," Becker says. "So our plan was to perform or participate in a flag retiring ceremony, as well as seeing who the nylon ones would need to be sent to." 

The Scouts collected 12 to 13 flags on both dates. "The city building had about seven for us, including one that flies on that big flagpole opposite Tower Park," Becker says. "It was almost 15 feet by 30 feet and just made the Scouts look even smaller when we were folding it." 

While waiting for folks to drop off their flags, the Scouts folded the ones they had. "All the Scouts had a chance to be on either end of the flag and fold one down into a triangle," Becker says. "What I liked about the project is that each Scout learned respect for our flag and our responsibility at citizens of the United States." 

Scouts also practice archery. Provided.

They learn how to safely shoot BB guns. Provided.

They practice fishing. Provided.

Scouts participate in obstacle courses. Provided.

And each year Scouts build and race cars in the highly anticipated Pinewood Derby. Provided.

Cub Scouts is open to any boy interested in grades K-5. Once Scouts enter 6th grade, they move on to Boy Scouts. "While Pack 70 is focused within Fort Thomas, we also will accept anyone living outside of the city," Becker says.

Becker says adults can go here to find all available Cup Scout Packs near them by clicking on "Sign Up Locations." "There will be other Cub Scout Packs in the Cincinnati area who will be hosting recruitment events up through the first or second week of September," Becker says.

At the August 24 event at Winkler Fields, Pack 70 will have applications on hand and will also be collecting fees—$36 plus an additional $16 if you would like a subscription to Boy's Life magazine. The fees cover the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017.

New Scouts will be placed into age-appropriate groups or Dens. Kindergarteners are Lions, first graders are Tigers, second graders are Wolves, third graders are Bears, and fourth and fifth graders are Webelos. Becker says anyone enrolling a Scout who will be in the Lion or Tiger Dens will need to fill out an adult application as well.

Survival skills are also part of Cub Scouts. Provided.

As is planet searching and stargazing. Provided.

Camp fires and camping trips become lifelong memories. Provided.

"We have Den leaders in place for second grade and up, and are looking for volunteers to be leaders for the incoming Lions (a new program this year for kindergarten-aged boys) and Tigers," Becker says. "However, we can never have too much hep and would love for anyone who wants to participate to be able to. There are any number of opportunities to get involved from being involved with Den meetings and planning events to helping with fundraising, accounting and membership."

If you can't make Wednesday's event, you can contact Pack 70 by email or go here.

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