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Friday, August 5, 2016

Fort Thomas Boy Makes the Grass Greener for Residents

Logan Webster and Zach Lewin

Many entrepreneurs start a small business with one thing on their mind: money.  However, for many others, the goal is something much more magnanimous, more benevolent- to help others. For Logan Webster, fourteen-year-old Fort Thomas resident and Highlands Freshman football player, this altruistic sense permeated his life and from that, he began a new business.

Webster, along with best friend and fellow football player Zach Lewin, went to his mother (Eko James) and told her he wanted to somehow “make a difference.”

Said James, “My husband and I have lived in Fort Thomas with our 4 kids since 2005. My 14 year old son Logan and his best friend Zach Lewin stated they would like to do something to “make a difference.” So, I was tossing out ideas and they liked the idea of offering free yard services to elderly men/women or single women with young children.”
Eko James' 'original post
From there, James reached out to Fort Thomas Matters, offering her son’s services.  Said the post on Facebook, “I’m looking for an elderly person/couple or a single mother that could use a blessing in the form of FREE weekly yard work year round.”  The post went on to describe the types of work that could be done and by whom but this concept of “blessings” is something important to both James and Webster; “My husband and I are trying to raise our kids with giving/serving hearts so we do things like go out and feed the homeless and (…) as a family we try to bless others as often as possible as we are always thanking God for our blessings (and…) hopefully small things like this will stick with them for the rest of their lives and they make a great impact on the world by loving, giving to & serving others,” said James.

Webster and Lewin have named their social enterprise “Paying it Forward Lawn Mowing” and they’ll do services such as mowing, gutter cleaning, raking, gardening, mulching, trimming, and snow removal.  Their flyers are posted all throughout town and while they charge for their services, the work is always free for elderly persons and/or single mothers in need of assistance; so paying customers are paying it forward almost as much as Webster and Lewin by supporting this social enterprise.

Webster’s first customer was Dawn Davis.  Davis, 73 years old, recently lost her husband and was struggling to keep up with her yard work.  She sees Webster as such a blessing to her. Says Davis, “He is such a gift, an angel.  I have struggled all year with my yard.”  Davis went on to describe Webster’s first visit to her house saying that he had come straight from football but despite being tired he got straight to work and even provided her with a whole list of other things he could do for her, all of which were free.  Davis said that Webster is an “interesting person” who talks about “the importance of helping other people” and given that Davis’ children all live out of town she feels Webster gives her “the ability to stay in (her) own home longer.”

To Webster, though, this benevolence is a natural thing.  Says Webster, “Well when I’m old I hope that someone young would help me with my yard work (…). Me and (Lewin) just thought it would be a good idea to help out elderly people in Fort Thomas that were in need of anything.”  To his credit, Lewin didn’t take much convincing and was immediately “down to help.”

To hire Webster for paying services or if you’re in need of his free services, please message see the flyer or comment below.  Remember, all Webster wants to do is “help out people who need it” but he needs your help to do just that.  So, Pay it Forward.


  1. Does Pay It Forward Lawn Services have a paypal account? What about a facebook page to share out? I would like to purchase a grass cutting for for one of their free clients.

    1. Hello Mr Runyan that's awesome of you please email

  2. Great work boys!!! We are all so very proud of you.