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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fort Thomas Officer, Will Hunt, Promoted to Sergeant

Sgt. William Hunt, with his wife, Kelly, and three boys. FTM file. 
An executive order appointing Officer Will Hunt as a Sergeant for the City of Fort Thomas was approved by City Council Monday night.

With the retirement of longtime Fort Thomas Police Sergeant, Chris Goshorn, last month, a spot to move up in the ranks within the department presented itself.

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Fort Thomas Police Chief, Mike Daly, said that the last time he was able to promote an officer to Sergeant was in 2014.

"That process (in 2014) was incredibly competitive.  There were ten candidates that went through the process back then and we had a lot of great candidates, including William. But we are proud to make this appointment official tonight," said Daly. "He's always taken leadership roles within the department, he's trained many of our officers, he's so professional and so good with the community, schools and businesses."  

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Hunt had previously worked for the Southgate Police Department and was hired to the Fort Thomas Police Department in 2003. He and his wife, Kelly, live in Fort Thomas with their three boys.

"I am beyond grateful and proud that after the many years of service that my husband has given, he's been given such a wonderful honor. He's worked hard and is so dedicated to our city, even in crazy times like these in the United States," says Kelly. "I'm very proud to stand behind him and the badge. Our boys are so proud of him. I think they are still too young to understand the hard, scary parts of his job, but they have a hero, all the time."

Hunt was also joined by a room full of friends and family to see him receive his Sergeant's badge and stripes.
Many Fort Thomas Police and former colleagues joined Hunt to watch him be officially appointed as Sergeant. FTM file. 

"This is a privilege. It's huge for me," said Sgt. Hunt. "Being able to grow professionally within the Fort Thomas Police Department is an honor. It's where I've always wanted to be and where I'm going to stay."

He also talked about what it means to be an officer and a father.

"It's definitely a benefit," Hunt said with a smile. "Not only can I keep my eye on them, especially when they get older in school, but it's also neat for them to see what a police department means to a community firsthand."  

Hunt has worked the day shift for the Fort Thomas Police Department for the last six years. He's worked with the Crime Scene Team and has helped with the C.S.I. class at Highlands Middle School, among other collaboratives.
Police Chief, Mike Daly, pins the Sgt. pins on Hunt. FTM file. 

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