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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fort Thomas Resident Operates Valuable Free Senior Health Care Search Service

Ron Culyer, Owner of CarePatrol based in Fort Thomas
My mother’s decline was more than I or anyone in the family could handle. Her situation was beyond home health care. We hated to do this, but we decided that she would have to live in a senior facility - a place with medically trained professionals who were far better equipped to manage her care.  But her care needs were increasing and navigating modern health care can be difficult and confusing.

Fort Thomas resident, Parker Clifton, a lawyer specializing in Elder Law, recommended that I talk with Ron Culyer who runs CarePatrol and just happened to live a couple of blocks away. So I did. And that phone call made all of the difference.

Ron walked us through the process.  He drove us around to visit facilities. A few even offered discounts based on Ron’s recommendation. We found a new home that was central to the family. We never would have found that facility on our own. In fact, I can’t say how many times I had driven by it and never even knew it was there. Sometimes answers are like that. Oh, and Ron never charged us. His service is free to his clients.

A little history from the website. CarePatrol was founded in 1994 with a mission to give seniors and their families a less stressful and easier way to find safer senior care choices for their loved ones….We are a free senior housing placement service that helps families find independent living, assisted living, memory care and in-home care options. We assess client’s care level needs, financial needs and general preferred locations to recommend the best and safest care options.
This is an advertisement. 

It’s a simple concept - connect people with the appropriate facility during a difficult time. It’s so simple that no one thought of it as a business opportunity.

Ron owns the franchise that covers Hamilton County as well as, Campbell, Kenton, and Boone counties in NKY.  Ron is compassionate, empathetic, and thoroughly professional. He has a depth of knowledge of how senior care works and what help is available to his clients. Ron says I help families look for independent/assisted living, personal care, memory care and in-home care options. But he looks deeper than that. I review the care and violation history of the communities that we work with.  We tour with the family and help them through the process of finding appropriate care options. We also will consult and educate the family in regards to other services that may be available to them.  Such as VA benefits, Elder Law attorneys, transportation and logistics agencies. I had no idea that my widowed mother, the wife of a veteran, could collect certain VA benefits toward her long term care until Ron directed me to that.  That helped. Many times we can save a family money because we are out there every day. 

The process is simple. We will meet with the family either in person or over the phone, whichever they are more comfortable and go over their situation.  We are essentially looking at three main areas.  What part of town are they looking for care, what are the care needs and what are the resources the family has to work with when paying for care.  From this we can narrow down the search to not only what is available, but what makes sense for the family. 

 Think of CarePatrol as a realtor who can guide you to the best possible place for your needs. Ron says that there are about 150 facilities in the tristate area and he works with over 100 of them. After the tours, we help each family navigate the often-difficult decision-making process. 

Each client’s needs are unique. Ron tells a story. Recently I worked with a husband and wife.  The husband was his wife’s primary caregiver, as she had a dementia diagnosis and was in mid-stages of dementia.  The husband had a major medical incident one day, and was luckily found by a neighbor.  They rushed him to the hospital and saved his life.  However, he had to go through extensive rehab.  His wife could not be left alone.  CarePatrol received the call and helped find a situation in a community where the wife would have memory care trained caregivers 24/7 and her husband of over 60 years could join her when he completed his rehabilitation stay.  That is exactly what happened.  They are back together, have caregivers that help when needed, and they can go back to their roles of husband and wife as opposed to caregivers. 

People can make some pretty emotional and unwise decisions regarding care during these stressful periods. Ron offers a couple of tips.

 1.  Do a little planning.  Many of us consider ourselves planners, however very few of us plan for the rainy day that aging brings.  This is especially true with care needs.  CarePatrol’s free service to the family is a good starting point.  We are very much in touch with the different resources that are available to our seniors.  We can save a family, time, money and some stress.

2. Do not be afraid to ask for help.  We all feel an obligation to care for our loved ones and rightly so, however, we are not all trained caregivers.  We are individuals and there are limits to what we can do.  It is important to realize when to bring in help and not be afraid to do so.  Sometimes it really does take a village.

We are a placement agency but just being out there working with others… we are in touch with a lot of other services and programs that may help people. It gives people choices, options and that helps them to find the best care. There are even grants available that would pay up to $2000 a month.  

My family and I were impressed with Ron’s professionalism but even more so by his empathy and compassion for our situation. That genuine aspect of his character speaks volumes. He really does care. And he works hard to help. Shortly after my mother died, Ron sent a card. He didn’t have to do that and we didn’t expect it. But he really does care. And people like him help to make our world a little better and our suffering a little lighter.

Ron’s contact information is —

Ron Culyer, CSA
CarePatrol of Greater Cincinnati
P.O. Box 75270
Ft. Thomas, KY 41075
Office: 859-916-5492
Fax:  859-909-0404
Cell:  859-907-0124

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