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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Grillin’ With Tim at Tower Park

Flo and Dan Grey, the honored guests at the "Grillin' for Tim" program at Tower Park with meteorologist Brandon Orr WKRC – TV. FTM file. 
By John Deering

Almost two hundred people gathered at Tower Park in Fort Thomas on Thursday, July 21st to recognize one of the best-known citizens of Fort Thomas – Dan Grey, photographer exemplary. Dan’s name had been drawn from the contest box at a previous “Grillin’’ program.   He and his wife Flo Grey were the honored guests.

Chief Meteorologist Tim Hendrick had been with WKRC-TV since 1988. Recently he also was the host of the program “Grillin’ with Tim.”  He died quite unexpectedly.  Since his grilling program had become so popular in the Tri-State, Rob Braun and his associates decided  to  keep the program “Grillin’ with Tim”  to honor Tim; they modified the title of the program to “Grillin’ for Tim.” It was for this program that so many were gathered.
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Well, to say we had fun is to put it mildly.  Besides many friends of Dan and Flo, there were these others:  Meteorologist Brandon Orr of WKRC-TV,   representatives of both the Fort Thomas Fire Department with a fire engine, and the Police Department with a cruiser -- that quite soon had to leave for an emergency.

When Ann and I arrived, there were a few others, but soon came the multitudes made up of so many old friends – some of whom hadn’t seen each other for a long time. There was talking, laughing, wishing the Greys good wishes, and all. There were drinks galore and then came the catered food. AH!

Of course, so many commented on how the scene at Tower Park has been so improved and beautified in recent years. The weather was hot, but the shelter house held us in the shade and a mild breeze kept us reasonably cool. It had been a grand afternoon.

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