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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Memorial Parkway Bridge Reopening Pushed Back to August 25th

The Memorial Parkway Bridge Construction will be delayed by about a week to ten days. FTM file. 
By Sarah Cameron

Just over a week ago, the Kentucky Department of Transportation reported that the Memorial Parkway Bridge project would be completed on schedule and would reopen on Tuesday, August 16th.

But, it looks like the construction could last at least another ten days.

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Fort Thomas Matters was notified this weekend by a representative of the Kentucky Department of Transportation that the Memorial Parkway Bridge reopening will be delayed until August 25.

Exact details on the cause of the delay are unknown, but Nancy Wood of the KDOT District Six stated that, "Completion has been extended due to some weather and added work."

We will update you as more details become available.


  1. Because no one knows how to finish one thing before you go to the next. Sounds like a joke construction crew.

  2. It only took them 8+ months to put up Water Works Rd detours. Thanks for nothing.

  3. Lowest bidder....

  4. WOW!!!!!Really thought it would be on time. NOT

  5. Are they ever going to fix Water Works Rd or leave it closed forever? How can they blame the weather when it's really only rained the last few days! Some days no one is even working.