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Monday, August 29, 2016

The Colonel's Creamery Is Looking For A New Location

Don Lambert of The Colonel's Creamery serves ice cream at Art Around Towne in Fort Thomas. FTM file. 
Today, The Colonel's Creamery is closing up shop at The Friendly Market in Florence after opening in September 2013 as one of the artisan food market's original vendors.

"The Friendly Market space was an excellent vision but poorly executed," Colonel's Creamery founder Don Lambert said.

In March, FTM reported The Colonel's Creamery was in negotiations to open a walk-up window at 42 N. Ft. Thomas Ave adjacent to the Convenient Deli Mart. However, that is no longer the case.

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Lambert said in working with a real estate agent, they were represented well in the negotiations but didn't have the firsthand dealings with the current ownership group.

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"Things change, and I'm not sure what occurred," Lambert said.

He added that in good faith, he paid architectural fees that would convert half of the space occupied by Convenient to open up the new space for business, but has since been reimbursed those fees.

Currently Lambert is looking for a new retail space to continue serving up his ice cream.

"I have loved serving the people who have come in for ice cream. And, I am grateful for all the support so many have provided. There has been an outpouring of encouragement to locate in Florence/Union as well as Fort Thomas," he said.

A Fort Thomas favorite, The Colonel's Creamery has set up at many of our local festivals and farmer's market, and Lambert said he would like to come to Fort Thomas.

There are few retail spaces currently available in Fort Thomas, but some space could open up if some buildings that are currently on the market are able to be sold and developed.

"I really like what I consider a more traditional kind of community where people are actually out and about in the community and real supportive in the community," he said. "The combination of having a good community feel fits and suits my perspective well and that's why I am attracted to it. I believe we would be well supported as long as we make a good product to serve the community. I also like to be involved in community so I would like to be an asset in that regard too." Lambert added.

In the meantime, Lambert says he will continue to participate in festivals and serve his wholesale clients. He will be using a commercial kitchen to continue producing ice cream until he finds the next perfect spot to reopen.

The Colonel's Creamery is not associated with Colonel De's Gourmet Spices and Herbs.

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  1. Excellent ice cream-hope you find a space soon!