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Monday, August 29, 2016

UPDATE: Student Brought Gun to Highlands

The Fort Thomas Independent Schools Board of Education Building. FTM file. 

Today Fort Thomas Independent School officials sent an email to parents and staff, making them aware that a student at the high school was in the possession of a weapon on campus.

According to Superintendent, Gene Kirchner, the students and school officials acted on the situation just as they should have to ensure everyone's safety.

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Kirchner described the events leading up to the incident to FTM.

He said during lunch, the student showed a gun to other students, but did not make a threat of any kind, which he said was confirmed from the students who saw the gun and the individual who had the gun on campus.

"Our students did the appropriate thing. They told their teachers, who then did exactly what we have in place. They went to the students classroom, called (the student) out of class, brought (the student) to the office and began to interview him," said Kirchner.

"That's when they determined that yes, there was a gun. They confiscated it, the police were called and notification was sent out to staff and parents immediately," he said.

The initial email sent out did not describe the weapon as a gun.

"This afternoon, students at Highlands High School alerted school administrators that another student was in possession of a weapon," the email started.

"The administration promptly investigated this report, determined it to be true, and took appropriate action.  At no time did the student involved make any specific threat toward students or staff.  Fort Thomas Police have been notified and are conducting further investigation."

Kirchner said that before the school stated it was a gun, they wanted to be sure that's what they were dealing with.

"There have been situations in the past across the nation where a weapon was misidentified as an airsoft gun or something similar to that," said Kirchner. "At this point we are thankful for the bravery of the students who came forward."

Kirchner said that he couldn't yet speculate on what the punishment could be for the student because he said all the details weren't yet available to him.

"It's not just my decision alone. There will be an immediately suspension up to a potential expulsion, but the police are involved now as well. There could be criminal charges as well and that will play into the decision on punishment," he said. "It's a sad thing for everyone involved and for that student who brought the gun to school. That's going to be a life-changing mistake and there's no good in that. Again, if there is a silver ling to anything to this it's that our students and teachers did exactly as they should to ensure everyone's safety."

Fort Thomas Police will hold a press conference today. FTM will have that live. Make sure to check back in to our Facebook page for that conference.

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