Thursday, September 8, 2016

Anointed Touch Massage Moving to Larger Space in Highland Plaza

Tiffany Maple. FTM file. 

Business is good. Tiffany Maple, owner/operator of Anointed Touch Massage, will open her new and larger facility at the Highland Plaza October 1.  She opened in May of 2013 and business has been growing steadily.  She will be in #17 next to the new Diamonds and Dimples Chic Boutique.

The new space is two floors.  The first floor will hold a Mary Kay outlet. The second floor will be dedicated to massage therapy. And there will be two treatment rooms. Maple will be adding another therapist to help with the increase in business.

"I am getting more business than I can personally handle," she says. "And it’s been difficult because people will call and they can’t get in for a couple of weeks., but they are hurting now and can’t wait. So it only makes sense to add another therapist."

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The new location is close to the interstate, hospital, and medical complex and offers clients more convenience.  Those who have the monthly membership will keep Tiffany as their therapist. New clients  or immediate needs will likely be assigned the new therapist.

New Location for Anointed Touch Massage. FTM file. 

I am actually working with a group of other business owners and we are being trained to develop a bigger vision of what our businesses are and to understand the different hats that a business owner wears. For someone like me, and for a lot of small businesses out there, there are a lot of reasons why we go into business.   

The problem becomes that you are not only the technician providing a service but but then you also have to be a manager and an entrepreneur. And we forget about those two parts, that there’s a whole business to run that we are not just technicians. That is something that I have been learning … to work toward my strengths so I am not wasting my efforts. 

She is exciting about a larger space and what she can offer to her clients. I want to have an open house a few weeks after we open so people can come in and check out the new facilities.  Her enthusiasm is apparent.  I just like people a lot! I love to work with the people in the town where I live. 

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