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Friday, September 16, 2016

Johnson Students Showcase iPad Learning

FTM file. 
At the September 12th Board of Education meeting, students from Johnson attended to show the Board how they have been utilizing their new iPads.

The student presenters were: (Fifth grade) - Owen McCain, Nicholas Crawford, Michelle Barth, Christopher Buchert, and Tessa Cooper.  (Second grade) - Sarah Steiden, Roklyn Hamm, Charlie Alerding, and William Schilling.
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The fifth grade students gave a presentation showing the ways they use their iPads to collect and examine information.  The second grade students' presentation required the board members to work with the kids on their iPads in an example of a typical hands-on lesson.

FTM file. 
This tool allows the children to participate in meaningful learning experiences that are specifically tailored to the future of technology, such as as enabling partner work to function seamlessly using the air drop feature.

The fifth grade students showed the board screen shots from their Social Studies class to illustrate how they use the program One Note to take notes.  One Note also allows them to pull documents directly from Schoology.  The iPads allow educators to stress the importance of being a responsible digital citizen and using technology to help solve real-world problems.

The second grade students brought iPads to share with members of the Board and worked together on a mock classroom learning experience that had Board members answering questions and engaging with the students.

Second Grade Johnson student Sarah Steiden. FTM file. 

The Board members thanked the students for their presentations and gave each of them a 'Rich in Tradition' t-shirt.

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