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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Kentucky to Cease Driver’s License Renewal Mailer

Will save state $250,000 annually
A Kentucky driver’s license. The state announced it will stop mailing renewal notices for licenses. Photo Provided

Kentucky’s Division of Driver Licensing will save the state an estimated $250,000 a year thanks to its decision to stop mailing out license renewal reminder cards.

The decision was announced Thursday and will affect the state’s 3.6 million license holders, said Naitore Djigbenou, the deputy executive director for Kentucky’s Transportation Cabinet.

“The move to discontinue the expiration reminder cards is rooted in a desire to steward our Road Fund dollars responsibly,” Djigbenou said. “This courtesy came at an expense. In the future, we will offer text and email reminders to motorists who voluntarily provide that information.” 
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Drivers have to renew their licenses every four years. The Division of Driver Licensing mails reminder cards to about 900,000 Kentucky drivers each year. The $250,000 will go towards building roads and bridges, Djigbenou said.

“We are in a new administration and under new leadership that is closely examining spending,” she said.

Commercial drivers licenses renewals will continue to be sent, as is mandated by federal law. 

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  1. Great to see efficiencies implemented in government.