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Friday, September 9, 2016

Local Emergency Responders Celebrated on 9-11

FTM file. 
Representatives of U.S. Bank's local Development Network delivered baked goods to show support to almost 100 different Police and Fire Departments across Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Southeast Indiana in honor of 9/11.

Fort Thomas Matters met some members of some of those teams today, as they dropped off donuts, cookies and muffins to Fort Thomas Police and Fire.

U.S. Bank members were Ryan Henry, Casey Jones, Debbie Coomer and Joe Albers.

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"For me personally it was nice to participate due to my previous time spent as a 9-1-1 Operator/Dispatcher for Campbell County Consolidated Dispatch Center," said Henry. "Working with a lot of these men and women I know at least some of what they deal with every day and what they willingly put on the line every time they leave their homes for a shift."

L to R: Joe Albers, Ryan Henry, Chris Amon, Kasey Carr, Debbie Comer and Casey Jones. FTM file. 

L to R: Jones, Henry, Officer Derek Faught, Coomer and Albers. FTM file. 

Other businesses dropped off items during the day. FTM file. 

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