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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Safe Route to Schools Grants Filed Once Again by Fort Thomas

The intersection of N. Fort Thomas Avenue, Barrett Drive and Covert Run. FTM file. 
At the September 7th city council meeting, council shared that Southbank is once again filing the Safe Route to School application on behalf of Fort Thomas, similar to what was filed last year.

This time, according to City Administrator Ron Dill, the city may have a good shot at securing the grant.

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The city had partnered with Southbank to submit the application in hopes of receiving nearly $600,000 in funding from the Kentucky Safe Routes to School program to extend the sidewalk along North Fort Thomas Avenue.

The sidewalk is proposed to be extended from Covert Run/Barrett Drive to the corporation line near Broadview and would be located on one side only.

This will mark the third time the application will be made in an attempt to 'wear them out.'  "Maybe persistence will pay," remarked council member Ken Bowman.

The first time the city applied was years ago (within the last ten years), with the most recent being last year.  These applications are considered annually and if they are rejected the city either doesn't hear back or receives a denial.

Council member Jeff Bezold asked, "Have we asked the residents on the North end of town if they want this?"

Bowman and City Administrator, Ron Dill, said that the majority of residents responding favorably and generated a petition asking for it.

Council hopes to have an update on this at the October meeting. 

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  1. Best wishes in your application, it would be such an asset for NKY runners and walkers as well as our students to have a safe route and to be able to safely reach the river once the City of Dayton commences their sidewalk installation.