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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tower Hill To Install More Piers For Slipped Road

At the September 7th city council meeting, council members discussed upcoming construction and repairs to be done on Tower Hill.

A year ago, emergency repairs had to be made there due to slippage.  Recent heavy rains have created two more slip areas on Tower Hill causing the sections to begin to fail, one of them quite significantly.

From Watch Point Drive to the bottom where it flattens out is an area that is prone to slippage.  The first pier work was done in 1982, and more needs to be done as soon as possible.

"There is still a long length of Tower Hill that does not have piers and obviously history is telling us that we'll wind up piering all of it," said city administrator Ron Dill.

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The work is being put out for a bid, possibly to Terracon or with Smith Construction with whom the city already has a contract, and it is hoped that they will have the numbers back before the October council meeting. 

It is believed that the road repair isn't an emergency situation, and that bidding the job will result in the best situation for the city.

It is anticipated that the work on Tower Hill will coincide with the bridge work that's being done by the Department of Transportation and will start in mid-October on Waterworks Road.  The road will be closed before you get to Main Avenue, which is not a thru street, and will be closed in two sections.  The half dozen residents in that zone will still have access at all times.

Council member Jeff Bezold added, "There's a significant chunk of road that's missing; four or five feet." 

In the meantime, motorists should exercise extra caution when traveling on Tower Hill. Police cones currently surround the slippage on the road.

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