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Friday, September 23, 2016

Update on VA Homes

FTM file. 
At the September 7th city council meeting, the status of the VA homes renovation was discussed.

A meeting took place to discuss due diligence and moving forward with cost estimating for the development and rehabilitation of the homes.  According to City Administrative Officer, Ron Dill. He said the developer remains completely on board with the project and are presently in the process of pursuing those numbers.

The snag in the works come down to when the VA will part with the property.  Dill said, "We don't have an issue with our developer, we have an issue with the VA getting to the point where they can transfer the property."

The developer does not have a role in trying to acquire the property; that's between the city and the VA.

"We're on the sideline waiting for that to happen," said Ron Dill"Without any time frame for construction or any ability to control that process, anything they (the developer) put into this project is just resources on a hope that we actually obtain the property.  So, to ask them to continue to spend money on the project is a risk they'd have to be willing to take."

Previously, the city had entered into a contract with developer, Bloomfield Schone as the sole qualified developed through a blind bid process.

The timelines, as outlined in that document, had the properties being transferred from the VA to the city in December of this year.

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Mr. Dill also reminded council that this is not a quick process and that he couldn't say if it would happen next month or even by the end of this year.  "They (the developer) are taking a leap of faith."

The city and the developer are now taking the next steps to do all the cost studies while still waiting for action on the part of the VA.

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