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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Crawford Insurance Steps Up To Support A Fellow Coworker

Staff at Crawford Insurance Agency in Bellevue is stepping up for co-worker's breast cancer journey.

Recently, Fort Thomas resident and Crawford Insurance Agency employee, Susan Dewald was diagnosed with breast cancer. Crawford Account Manager Joan Schwartz, also from Fort Thomas said the the staff knew they needed to support Susan's cancer journey.

"Crawford owners and staff stepped up to the game, collected donations for our "Suzy Q" and purchased shirts and are wearing them to work in her honor, said Schwartz. "All the money is being donated to Susan to help with her expenses."

Due to her part-time status, DeWald does not have the benefit of paid time off.

As a result, Schwartz says they have been supporting her emotionally as well as financially in hopes of keeping her spirits high. Everything done so far has been a surprise to Susan.

DeWald found out her diagnosis in July and says it was a day she will never forget.

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"Not only because it was the day I was diagnosed of having cancer, but it was my dad's birthday. My dad passed away 22 years ago from cancer. I still feel like this a bad dream. On the day of my first treatment, I was like is this really happening to me? This cannot be real. But unfortunately it is real, and I will get through it one day at a time with the love and support of my family and friends. Even total strangers are giving me so much support. The world is truly full of good people," DeWald said.

DeWald went from being healthy to stage 3 cancer in a matter of weeks. Although she has a hard year ahead, she says her doctor's are confident of recovery. She is undergoing chemotherapy presently which will be followed by a double mastectomy, radiation and other medical procedures.

"I've been able to work when I can. My work has been great with allowing me to work when I can. I can not imagine working anywhere else. The love and support has been overwhelming. Not sure what I would do without my work family. They've been great!", DeWald added.

Crawford's next venture is a benefit to help DeWald with her 2017 health insurance deductible.

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