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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fort Thomas Police Called To Investigate Possible Robbery at BB&T

BB&T employees called Fort Thomas Police this morning when an employee noticed a window that wasn't secure upon coming into work. FTM file. 
This morning at 8:51 a.m., Fort Thomas police were dispatched to the BB&T branch in Fort Thomas located at 25 N. Fort Thomas Avenue for a possible breach of security at the bank.

The activity caused witnesses to report a possible robbery at the bank, but according to bank officials, they noticed something out of place and called police right away.

Lena Kohrs, Market Leader for the BB&T branch said that an employee arrived to work that morning and "saw something that would have put the branch at risk."

"We took extra precaution upon coming in today and called the police," she said.

Sgt. Chris Carpenter, Lt. Jamey Gadzala and Officer Derek Faught arrived on scene in less than two minutes.
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"It was an open window at the location, so we responded and cleared the area pretty quickly," said Sgt. Carpenter. "They did exactly what they should have done. They saw something was out of the ordinary and they called us. We would rather them call and it be nothing, than not call and it be something they shouldn't handle themselves." 

Officers left the scene at 9:04 a.m.

The bank location is directly across the street from the Fort Thomas Independent School office and because of the proximity of the two locations, school employees saw what was unfolding and informed Moyer Elementary staff of what was occurring.

Superintendent Gene Kirchner said they saw an officer with his firearm pointed at the building from the conference room of their building.

"We called Moyer immediately and let them know what was going on and to not let the kids out until we did," he said. "Since Moyer Elementary's playground is their front lawn right now with the construction of the new building, we just wanted to practice total precaution from our end."

Kohrs, who has worked in other banking institutions said she feels safe at her current bank in Fort Thomas.

"I feel more safe in this branch because the police are always present and around," she said.


  1. Doesn't exactly tell you what happened...

  2. Reading is hard. A bank employee got to work, saw a window open, called police, police showed up with guns, people thought it was a robbery, police cleared scene, school was informed. Got it, Sherry? l

    1. Apparently Todd decided to unload on Sherry because of the difficult day he had. I feel sorry for those he greets at home.

  3. Boy aren't you a real piece of work Todd. You have a real way with the ladies Ill bet. It doesn't tell us why the window was open.

  4. Gosh Todd - can we be kind?

  5. Must've really struck a nerve. 3 anon. replies, Sherry?