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Friday, October 7, 2016

Mint Yoga Studio to Offer NEW Classes for Kids

Little Yogis at Mint Yoga
Hitting national headlines this week were several Baltimore schools that began using meditation, yoga, and mindfulness instead of detention; the results were surprising- in the first year of the program, student suspensions were reduced to zero (Newsweek had the piece here).

According to Psychology Today, more than 1.7 million youth and teens practice yoga and the health benefits from such practice include reduced anxiety, improved focus, improved physical and mental fitness, and improved self-esteem, to name a few.

However, in Fort Thomas, where does a young yogi go to get all these wonderful health benefits and maybe even avoid a future detention?

Simple, Mint Yoga, the newest yoga studio in the Hiland Building in the center of town.

Mint Yoga, owned by Tiffany Brennan, features a number of different types of yoga but one of the newest trends is their Little Yogis program for children ages 4-9.  The first four-week session of Little Yogis just concluded but another is set to start on October 16 and will run for six weeks.

Nicole Carter Schilling, studio manager of Mint Yoga and Fort Thomas resident and mother of seven year old triplets, said of her experience with the Little Yogi class, “We added “Little Yogis” first and the response was fantastic. My 7 year old triplets take the class every Sunday and love it. My son says his favorite part of the class is the relaxing, I tend to agree.”  Jennifer Lang and her daughter Piper, who also took the class, would agree with Schilling, “Piper loves it; she has been asking to go every day!”

Laura Love Rittinger Little Yogi instructor, describes her teaching philosophy as such, “I believe in the power of play - how it can simultaneously be an outlet for energy as well as a way for kids to center themselves. Children develop such skills like these that make them more aware and resilient while also having fun, being creative, belonging to a community, and expanding their positive thinking.”

In addition to the Little Yogi class, Mint is also offering tween yoga class and will soon be offering yoga for teens with the hopes that athletes and many others will embrace this holistic approach to fitness for the mind, body, and spirit.  Says Schilling, “Adding the tweens class at 3:30 pm was next, and a great idea because kids from Highlands Middle School can walk over after school and take our class. Our next step is to add a class for teens. We hope to encourage Highland High School students and athletes to come and take a class.”

Maggie Rosch, Tween instructor, says “I love working with young adolescents because they are so authentic, creative and socially engaged. Yoga offers the opportunity to move their fast-growing bodies, while also practicing essential life skills such as self-esteem and confidence, concentration and compassion for self and others.”

With the known health effects for yoga practitioners, both physical and mental, it is no wonder that the benefits to tweens and teens who are experiencing rapid changes in their minds and bodies can be numerous, as described in that Psychology Today article, and it is great to see a local business offering classes to positively assist in those changes for young people.

The next six-week session of Little Yogis (for 4-9 year olds) is set to begin on Sunday 10/16 from 1:15 to 2:15 and is for all ability levels.  The cost is $75 and drop-ins are $14 per class (if space allows).  But if your little yogi is interested, sign up quickly as class space is limited to 10 children.

For more information on Mint Yoga, visit their website here.

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