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Friday, October 21, 2016

Moyer Elementary Celebrates National Blue Ribbon Award

A plaque on the front wall of Ruth Moyer School signifies their National Blue Ribbon Award, which was won in 2009. 

Ruth Moyer Elementary was named one of five National Blue Ribbon schools in Kentucky this year by the U.S. Department of Education based on their overall academic excellence.

It was the second time that Moyer had been named a Blue Ribbon award winner and sixth time overall a school in the Fort Thomas Independent School district has won the award.

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School officials planned an outdoor ceremony similar to the groundbreaking ceremony last year, but weather forced it to be held in the library. The Parent-Teacher-Organization purchased blue tee shirts for all the students and faculty, which was similar to the yellow hardhats they adorned at the groundbreaking ceremony.

"My favorite part of the groundbreaking last year was seeing the sea of yellow hardhats," said Moyer Principal, Dr. Dawn Laber. "We have the same sea of blue today, but they are in the classrooms."

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Laber talked about the difficulty the Moyer staff has endured since construction began.

"This was a tough year for my teachers. Their classrooms were torn off, our fifth grade had to leave our building and we had to negotiate between two buildings. But we thrived.

The Moyer tradition started long before me and it’s bigger than any one person," she said. "During my whole first year I tried to get a feel for what the school was, but it wasn’t until this year that I finally got what the school was about. It’s a feeling of family, love and community. We share this award with all school district employees, past and present."

Superintendent Gene Kirchner agreed with those sentiments and said that the final product that will exist on Highland Avenue once the construction and renovation is complete will be incredible.

"This award is not about bricks and mortar because obviously we have some challenges," he said. "In the midst of this construction, you’ve achieved one of the highest awards you can academically. It’s about the people. It’s people that make a difference in this world." 

The fifth grade at Moyer was able to join the ceremony inside and listened to their fellow schoolmates and dignitaries describe why the culture at Moyer has been a successful one. They were present to sing, for the first time, a newly created Ruth Moyer Elementary School Song.

"We Are Mighty Mustangs" was arranged by music teacher, Mary Skaggs, with music by Dean Herron. The fifth grade students wrote the lyrics to the song.

Laber said she charged music teacher, Mary Skaggs, with having those students sing the school song at the ceremony, when they realized that a school song didn't exist.

"The song is a great example of what our Moyer students do," said Kirchner. "We look at the world around us, see a problem and solve it with a creative and innovative solution."

"Really listen to the lyrics, because they will melt your heart," Laber said as she wiped away a tear.

Moyer Principal, Dawn Laber, holds up the lyrics of Ruth Moyer Elementary's new school song, which was composed specifically for the Blue Ribbon award ceremony. FTM file. 

Rep. Joe Fischer, Sen. Wil Schroder, Mayor Eric Haas and Superintendent Gene Kirchner at the ceremony. FTM file. 

Moyer fifth grade students crammed into the school library. A celebration was planned for the outside, but weather forced festivities inside. FTM file. 

Emil Sztanyo, Elliot Dunbar and Duncan Hume were chosen to speak at the ceremony about why Moyer is special to them. FTM file. 

Kirchner addresses the crowd. FTM file. 

Laber, with two Moyer students, who produced a video to celebrate the occasion. FTM file. 

Schroder with Moyer students. FTM file. 

Moyer teachers, past and present. FTM file. 

Highland Athletic Director and former Moyer principal, Matt Haskamp, with Diane McGhee and Jerry Wissman. 

A copy of the new Moyer school song. FTM file. 

Ashley Barlow, Sally Race and Amy Shaffer. FTM file. 

Fort Thomas City Administrator, Ron Dill, and Kirchner. FTM file. 

A rendering of the Moyer Elementary School addition and renovation sits upon the front steps of the school. FTM file. 

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