Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October City Council Meeting Roundup

All were present for the Fort Thomas City Council meeting in October. FTM file. 

The Fort Thomas City Council met on Monday, October 17, 2016 at 7:00 pm.  All members were present.

Judge Cameron Blau visited the council and spoke a bit about the duties performed by a district judge and asked for the community's support.

Fort Thomas resident Melanie Powers attended and addressed the council about her concerns regarding St. Andrews wishing to utilize green space for a parking lot. 

She said that preservation of the city's green spaces, particularly the few remaining in central business areas, are vital.

"Before the parking lot is approved, I feel there are other options that could be should be, fully explored & discussed. I am convinced the city can find alternative parking solutions for St. Andrews, still preserve that beautiful urban green space," she said.

The Board of Adjustment commission will hear both sides of the argument tonight in the council chambers.

FTM will have more on this story.
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Police Chief Mike Daly shared an update on the vehicular fatality that occurred at 123 South Grand Avenue on September 18th.  Blood tests revealed that the driver was highly under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. His breath alcohol was a .189 with no other drugs detected in his system.  It was also discovered that just prior to the fatal crash the driver had been involved in a hit and run on North Fort Thomas Avenue.

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The Chief also wished to address the recent thefts in Fort Thomas.  The 'Felony Lane Gang' has once again targeted the city, specifically Highland (dog park area) and Tower Park.

This gang has a large-scale operation on the East Coast, and they primarily target women due to stealing a high volume of purses.  These offenders do not often break into property, but rather test doors to see which ones are unlocked and quickly get in and out with the items.

Contrary to rumors around the city, the Chief wished to assure the community that these are not armed robberies, but rather solely thefts.  This same group hit Fort Thomas three years ago, as well.

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The Chief urged residents to always lock their car doors, house doors, and to keep valuables out of sight when leaving them in vehicles.

Ron Dill updated that pier wall work began today on Waterworks Road.  This construction should be finished in less than six weeks.

At the conclusion of the meeting, council went into executive session to discuss new updates on the VA homes renovations. 

FTM broke the story later that night. You can read that initial report here. 

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