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Sunday, October 2, 2016

OP-ED: “Less Talk, More Action” on VA Homes

Fort Thomas City Council candidate, David Cameron, poses in front of the VA homes in Alexander Circle in Fort Thomas. Provided. 
By David Cameron

I am not the only one frustrated with the lack of progress on the VA Homes; I hear about it over and over again when I talk to residents. We have discussed this project for years, but are seeing no substantial action. What is holding it up?

Recent updates from the City are vague and indefinite.  It is unclear whether the obstacles lie within the VA, the developer, or the City.  What is clear, however, is this project needs a strong advocate. I will be that advocate as your councilman. Less talk, more action.

As your councilman, I will ensure that you, the Fort Thomas resident, stay up to date and informed on the progress of this project.  I will facilitate a consistent, open dialogue between the VA, the developer, and the City to ensure the project moves forward.

In dealing with the VA, I will engage the offices of public officials such as Senator McConnell, Senator Paul, and Congressman Massie. I will make certain the VA understands how important this project is to our city and residents like you and that it is unacceptable for them to allow this neglect in our city.

No doubt, the VA Homes project has unbelievable potential and will enhance our already idyllic community – it’s a core piece of our community and should not lie in disrepair.  I have the passion and energy to help drive it to its completion.  When it comes to talking about the VA Homes – let’s stop talking and let’s get moving.

I appreciate you voting for me, David Cameron for Fort Thomas City Council, on November 8th.


  1. If these buildings were privately owned the owners would be in court at the very least. They are not only an eyesore but dangerous, collapsing in locations. Their value has dropped to about only what the land is worth. To restore them is a grand and glorious project, but is it fiscally feasible and responsible feasible or responsible for anyone to take this project on? It does not seem so, developers have dropped like flies. A true example of the beaurocratic and inept federal government, I hope,the coty,can escape,the trap.

  2. While I appreciate and applaud Mr. Camron's enthusiasm towards this project, and understand his frustration with it, he appears to misunderstand the role of a council member in a strong-mayor form of government. A council member is a legislator. A legislator's role is to adopt (or oppose) ordinances. It is the role of the mayor and his staff to meet with developers, entities such as the VA and outside public officials. It is the role of the mayor and his staff to facilitate a constant, open dialogue between the developer, the VA and the city. Except in a council meeting when speaking with the majority of council, a council member has no legal authority to speak or act on behalf of the city. A council member who attempts to interject his personal will into projects such as the VA Homes will risk sending mixed signals to project partners. This can cause communication to be compromised between these entities and the city officials legally authorized to speak on behalf of the city - the mayor and his staff.