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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

PICTURES: Developers Meet To Walk Through VA Homes in Fort Thomas

The entrance to Alexander Circle holds eight of the ten historic VA homes. FTM file. 
A day after the news broke that the City of Fort Thomas had a new agreement to acquire the historic military homes in Tower Park owned currently by the Veterans Administration, developers were walking through the properties to see what they were working with.

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Built in 1888, the ten homes have some serious structural issues. There is extensive water damage and the homes have not been winterized for a number of years. Lead paint and asbestos must be removed and an abatement plan must be signed off of by the VA before the homes can be transferred.

In one of the homes, #30 in Alexander Circle, one of the developers asked for a shovel to remove a dead squirrel that was inside the home.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that the city has identified a qualified and interested developer in Bloomfield Schon and the VA has shown some flexibility by allowing the homes to be transferred to the city without first removing the hazardous lead and asbestos.

Fort Thomas Matters will have more on the details of the agreement.

Developers surveyed the VA homes on Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016. FTM file. 

FTM file. 

FTM file. 

#7. FTM file. 

#1. The General's home was the first structure built in Tower Park. FTM file. 

FTM file. 
This is an advertisement. 

#2. FTM file. 

FTM file. 

Developers access the VA homes. FTM file. 

Entering #6. FTM file. 

FTM file. 

FTM file. 

The middle of Alexander Circle is a greenspace. FTM file. 

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