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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Twisted Sister is Now The Pretzel Place: Meet the New Owner

Twisted Sisters Cafe is now the Pretzel Place
What happens when a business major marries an executive chef?  They end up owning a restaurant, of course. And that is what has happened with Fort Thomas' Beth (the business) and Brad (the chef) Saunders, the new owners of The Pretzel Place, formerly Twisted Sisters on Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue. 

The former owners, sisters Caroline Bardo and Luci Cecil, wanted to spend more time with their families and since Beth knew the business better than anyone else, it just made sense to sell it to her. Beth has been running the daily operations for the last three years so you will continue to see her there. Beth laughs about it but she says she bought the place because If I have to work, I’d rather work for myself. But that only motivates her more. 

The big change took place on September 15. The new sign is on the way. But nothing inside has changed. In the meantime, you can like their Facebook page to keep up with what’s happening. 

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Beth and Jessi working at The Pretzel Place
Beth says that Nothing changes except the name. The pretzel will remain the same because That is its signature. In addition, We will honor all Twisted Sisters gift certificates and coupons. A few new menu items will be introduced, though. Like tomato or broccoli cheddar soups and some other sandwich specials.  But most importantly, Beth says It was a family restaurant and it is still a family restaurant. In addition to husband Brad, you will find daughter Jessi working there and maybe son Brian in addition to the Alex and Kate, the daughters of the previous owner. 

One change to anticipate is that As soon as we get the equipment, we will be making the dough on the premises. Now that will be a fun machine to watch. Brad has recently created a pumpkin pretzel knot dessert bite for Fall. That should be a hit. They want to get back into the First Friday events and maybe stay open later one day a week. And Chef Brad has plans to cook up something special for the First Friday walk this week.

And fun things are happening. This week Channel 19 plans to video a segment about The Pretzel Place for a new web series so look for that to air on TV sometime in the next month.

Brad, an executive chef for a major hotel, was introduced to his lifelong passion in the Navy. He has some ideas for new menu items. Beth, of course, has a long history of working in food service. And now they finally get to combine their talents. They will continue to cater box lunches, bridal and baby showers, business lunches, as well as continue to provide meals for local B&Bs, Children’s Hospital and other longtime clients. You can get soup, salads, dessert bites, chips, and their signature sandwiches. So stop by.  Say hello to the longtime worker/new owner Beth Saunders and ask what’s new at The Pretzel Place. 

Beth and Jessi

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