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Friday, October 21, 2016

VIDEO: Story Matters - A Fort Thomas Storytelling Event

A full house at Fort Thomas Coffee took in the third installment of Story Matters: A Fort Thomas Storytelling Event, presented by Fort Thomas Matters on October 20.

The events will tell the story of our city, directly from those who live here to better connect neighbors with neighbors and will lead up to the sesquicentennial celebration next year in Fort Thomas.  

Event organizers are Chuck Keller, Lori Valentine and Mark Collier. 

Last night, we heard from Jean Pritchard, owner of Fort Thomas Animal Hospital and how the local veterinarian almost wasn't. 

We heard from Kelly Russell and how an awkward exchange with her friend about her husband lead to an important and raw discussion about interracial relationships. 

We heard from Holly Specht, the mother of Nicholas Specht, about the years leading up to the overdose of her son, which born the NKY Hates Heroin movement. 

We heard from Jake Donelan and how a social media post helped him make a decision to help someone in greater need that he. 

We heard from Debbie Buckley, and the tragic loss of her son, and what she said to God that night. 

We heard from Ashley Barlow and how the fact that everyone in Fort Thomas "knowing your business" can be a good thing. 

Watch the full video here:

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