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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

One on One: Governor Matt Bevin Joins Fort Thomas Matters

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Gov. Matt Bevin. 
Gov. Matt Bevin was in northern Kentucky to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Duveneck Square Project.

The project is a four-story, mixed use urban development project located along Washington St. between 7th and 8th Street, bringing a mix of residents and commercial tenants to Covington's Central Business District.

Listen below or at the Fort Thomas Matters podcast archive here:

Topics of discussion:

(1) He underwent a transition last year from the previous administration. Has he talked to President-elect Trump about his transition? Given him any advice?

(2) He talks about the final budget and any key pieces of legislation that came out of the first session as governor.

(3) He talks about the feedback in the business community on the Red Tape Reduction initiative.

(4) Healthcare:

(a) Why he decided to transition from Kynect to

(b) He talks about Medicaid expansion.

(c) With the election of Donald Trump, he talks about what he thinks will happen with the Medicaid expansion waiver specifically and Obamacare nationally?

(5) Some have been critical of you on education for making Public Universities subject to similar budget cuts as your executive  agencies to help shore up the pensions. He talks about how he responds to those criticisms.

(6) He discusses what northern Kentucky means to a Matt Bevin administration.


  1. I wish you'd asked some challenging questions, Mark! I was hoping to see some journalism that really challenged the governor's logic and possible inconsistencies between his ideologies and his policies.
    For instance, he often uses language about austerity and financial crisis language to justify steep cuts in some areas: education, healthcare. But in other areas, he doesn't seem to mind taking millions of dollars out of Kentucky coffers if they're called tax incentives and tax cuts. That is to say, even though we've agreed as a society on certain levels of taxes for businesses, inheritances, etc. the governor is intent on cutting these revenue sources that would help pay for the pension that he supposedly cares so much about. And when you consider that his (healthcare, education) cuts are more likely to make life harder for KY’s poorest residents but easier (inheritance tax, business) on the wealthiest, there seems like plenty to ask him about.
    Unfortunately, this podcast was more free airtime for the governor to tell people why everything he's doing is a great thing in every way (which he has had ample opportunity to do). Whether you agree with all the radical changes Governor Bevin is making or not, it's our duty as a citizenry and especially a free press, to hold our leaders accountable and ask them the hard questions!! The governor’s got plenty of venues to give the full official version of events; I’d hoped FTM wouldn’t let all the pat answers slide.

    1. Hey CP. Thanks for listening and for your feedback. I certainly tried my best in the very brief time I had with the Governor. What you heard was the raw, unedited conversation with him. I'll attempt to get some more time with him, but it's tougher than it seems to get that kind of access. That said, your feedback is welcomed and I'd love to talk more via email. Please drop me a line there.