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Friday, November 18, 2016

Arnie's on the Levee in Newport Permanently Closes

Arnie's on the Levee is permanently closed. FTM file. 
Late fall heading into the winter months are always tough for restaurants and entertainment, which is why closure announcements seemed to be clumped together.

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Arnie's on the Levee has permanently closed at their location at 120 E. Third Street in Newport, just across the street from Newport on the Levee, but according to owner, Bill Head, it was less about the upcoming business cycle and more about the lease that pushed them to decide to close their doors.

"We were open for ten years and the lease was up in the end of October, so we decided to close it down," he said. "It was a good run. Ten years is a good life for the concept that we were going after. We ran it hard for ten years and figured that was enough. I was thankful we were able to stay relevant for as long as we did."

Head, who is also a pilot, said that he's been flying more and doesn't have plans at this time to open the restaurant in a new location or try another concept.

"It's a tough business and you've really got to be creative and work hard to make it work," said Head.

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Dick's Last Resort, located just across the street from Arnie's, also closed on October 31, albeit their closure was sudden an abrupt compared to the planned closure of Arnie's.


  1. Aside from people losing their jobs, I am not sad to see Dick's last resort gone. We had a very bad time there on my daughter's birthday.

  2. Dicks last resort is not a place to take a young family. It's supposed to be rude and abnoxious. It works in every city except for stuck up nky/ cincinnati residents who DON'T have a sense of humor.