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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Escaped Prisoner Connected to Stolen Car In Fort Thomas

Walter Hundley. Provided. 
Walter "Todd" Hundley, 43 from Lexington, escaped from police custody on Monday after leading police on a high-speed chase through Dayton, Kentucky.

He crashed his vehicle during that chase, after ramming into a police cruiser on the initial point of contact at the Shell gas station on 6th Avenue in Dayton. He was taken to St. Elizabeth Hospital in Fort Thomas, where he escaped as he was receiving medical treatment.
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Multiple northern Kentucky agencies were on the lookout for Hundley, who was last seen wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans.

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On Tuesday, Fox 19 reported that Hundley is now also being accused of stealing a car from the Michel Tires Plus in Fort Thomas.

The stolen 2016 silver Nissan Altima has Ohio plates, FFY1704.

Michel Tire Plus is located at the Fort Thomas Plaza, which is just off of I-471, about a mile from St. Elizabeth Hospital.

Hundley's wife, Susan Rusch told Fort Thomas Matters that she doesn't believe he's headed back to Lexington because of the pending charges awaiting him there as well. Rusch, who is a northern Kentucky resident, said she and Hundley are currently separated and that she is trying to file for divorce.

"I don't think he going to go back (to Lexington)," she said. "He's in the same boat legally down there as he is up here and he is more known there than he is here."

Rusch said she believes that he's in northern Kentucky, taking cover in wooded areas. She said a friend called her and told her she thought she had seen Hundley near the Family Dollar in Bellevue on Tuesday, asking other shoppers to use their phones. Those tips, according to Rusch, have been forwarded to police.

"He has made statements that if it ever came down to him going back to prison, (authorities) would have to catch him and kill him first because he's not going back there," she said. "Todd is far from stupid. He has escaped police before."

FTM will continue to update this story.

The green line indicates the path a car would take to get from St. Elizabeth Fort Thomas to Michel Tire Plus. This route is .9 miles by car, but "as the crow flies," the distance is much shorter and has wooded coverage throughout. 

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