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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Got Brow? You Will at Studio Root

Tami Root at Studio Root Skin Care excels at creating a bold brow.

One of the best beauty lessons I've learned in my life is the power of the brow. The first time I ditched my tweezers for a salon wax my face was transformed. It was the mid-90s, and thin brows were vogue. A lot of hair was removed and arches appeared—I couldn't stop staring at my face in the mirror. I loved the effect.

Today's brows are decidedly different. They're bold, defined and fierce. They're center stage, much like the classic red lip, and women, like myself, who have long-standing relationships with their tweezers, are silently rejoicing. Thick brows are in. And thick brows are better.

"As we age, our brows naturally grow thinner, and over-tweezing exacerbates the issue," says Tami Root, owner of Studio Root Skin Care.

In a way, thin brows are easy. Removing most of the hair is a simple task, one that can take place while getting your hair washed at the salon. Thick brows require artistry. Regrowth. Restraint. And expertise that I, certainly, don't have.

Enter Tami. For the price you would pay for a quick wax job anywhere else Tami develops a personalized plan to give you the bold brow others will envy. My personal plan required weekly visits for a month, to let my brows grow in. Before you balk at the time and expense, know that when popping in weekly, you're only there for a couple minutes of mindful tweezing. And for these visits, the cost is less, too.

Once my brows began to fill in, I started seeing Tami less frequently, but regularly. Sometimes she waxes, sometimes she doesn't.

"Waxing isn't for everyone," Tami says. "Thin skin, reactive skin and overly processed skin aren't ideal candidates for waxing."

Tami is skilled with shaping using only tweezers and a brow trimmer. Each visit is different.

Much like your fingerprint, brows are personal. There's no one-size-fits-all template. Tami takes the time to determine your best shape, measuring the angles between your eyes and your nose. She also understands that brows aren't—and shouldn't be—identical twins. Rather, they're more fraternal, and she shapes each one with care and consideration.

With regular services, hair is removed before it's fully grown—smaller roots mean less pain during and less redness after. Hair is cyclical in nature, and takes a long time to reappear. Everyone's hair growth cycles are individual. Over time, with appointment times customized to what works best with you, Tami begins to catch up with your hair's personal growth cycle, tweezing hairs in their teenage years, leaving you with well-groomed brows in the weeks between visits.

Tami ends each appointment with redness calming serum massaged in with cool stones to condition your skin and reduce irritation. If desired, she then teaches you how to apply brow powder, further enhancing the bold brow effect.

Many women have regular can't-miss beauty appointments: hair coloring, manicures, pedicures, maybe facials. For me, it's brows. Aside from your smile, they're one of the first things people notice. And everyone is individual—something Tami not only recognizes, but celebrates. Schedule your first appointment. Customize a plan. Transform your face. The cost in time and money is minimal, but the payoff is huge.

For more information, visit Studio Root Skin Care here, on Facebook here, or call 859-441-6500.

(This post is sponsored by Studio Root Skin Care, a member of Fort Thomas Matters Family, and a favorite of writer Kara Gebhart Uhl. Thank you for shopping local and supporting the businesses that support Fort Thomas Matters.)

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