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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Lovells Hardwood Flooring - northern Kentucky Hardwood flooring - Refinishing hardwood flooring

The Bengals and Lovells Hardwood work together the serve City Gospel Mission. FTM file. 
Lovell's Hardwood Flooring in Fort Thomas has made it part of their business model to give back to those less fortunate throughout the entire year.

According to co-owner, Bobby Lovell, it's not something they publicize.

"We do a lot of charitable programming throughout the year, but never really do any kind of marketing," he said.

Last year, with the help of some Cincinnati Bengals players, they delivered Christmas, quite literally, to nearly two dozen local families. This year, again with the help of some Bengals, they provided and served Thanksgiving dinner for over 100 people at City Gospel Mission. They also gave winter hats and gloves to everyone in attendance.

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"Around the holidays everybody deserves to be surrounded by people who care and want to listen to them and just be there. It could make a difference in somebody's life. It could be just what they need to motivate them to take the next step to making a better life for themselves," said Lovell. "Just hearing the stories of their lives and how they landed there just open your eyes to the real issues that surround us & we were happy to be there. It was a great night for everybody involved."

Along with Lovell and his father Al and son, Jaxson, the Carlos Dunlap Foundation provided the manpower. Dunlap, Michael Johnson, Brandon Lafell, Karlos Dansby and Marcus Hardison took time out of their schedules to serve.
Brandon Lafell & son, Robert's son Jaxson and nephew Liam. 
"They were a huge help and really made it an even better night for the folks that we were serving at the shelter. They have a unique platform that allows us to raise awareness in ways that most can't," said Lovell. "It just shows how they are not only great players on the field, but great people off the field. We all get together for one common cause in mind, to lend a helping hand to those in need."

According to Lovell, the City Gospel Mission is a great place to be involved with.

"They don't just give handouts. They really try to have an impact on peoples' lives and help them move on to live better lives and be productive citizens." 

Michael Johnson, Robert's son Jaxson & nephew Liam. 
The mission houses 74 people each night under their roof and each person staying has to attend 15 hours of classes per week that teaches them different life tools which assists them in building there resume and securing employment and holds them responsible for themselves.

Lovell's Hardwood Flooring is located at 1029 S. Fort Thomas Avenue, and has four showrooms in Greater Cincinnati. You can reach them by calling 859-240-2611 or emailing them here. 

Follow Lovell's on Instagram here. 

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